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Vibram FiveFingers

I finally got a pair!!!!  I am obssessed & never want to wear a normal pair of gym shoes while working out again!  I do an hour of cardio a day which obviously can be really hard on your lower body.  Since I have been wearing the fivefingers my legs don't feel tight or sore after a run!  I can run faster for longer & I constantly feel good!  I ran with my gym shoes the other day & it felt so weird & after 10 minutes my legs, specifically my IT bands were so tight!  Fivefingers are awesome for lifting too...I am so incredibly addicted & I would tell anyone to buy them!  Plus, they are extremely comfortable!!!  I wear them all the time....besides wearing gym shoes the other day for that run, I haven't worn another pair of shoes except my fivefingers.  Anyone else have them?  What do you think of them?

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Re: Vibram FiveFingers

  • I'm really glad you like them! I do some barefoot running (for stride-improvement and foot-strength reasons) but do be careful about doing too much too fast! Running barefoot or with minimal support really changes your stride, especially your foot-strike (which is usually a good thing!) but going cold-turkey can lead to injuries as well.
  • Couldn't agree with you more! When I first got them I broke them in just like any other pair of new shoes and was much more careful since I was using muscles I hadn't used so strenuously in a long time & without the additional support that I am used to.  I couldn't chance getting injured with my competitions only months away, so I was extremely careful, but now my feet & legs are used to them! 

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  • Be extremely extremely careful, is all I can say. I worked hard to work up to running in them slowly, etc. But (according to multiple doctors and specialists) they were likely the cause of my stress fracture which completely cracked and caused my broken foot. FI still loves his though.
  • It was in the past (happened this summer), but I'm just barely working my way up to running again (I'm using C25K to bring myself back up to speed at the rec of my doctor). Such a bummer, I even had to do our Greece and Germany (Oktoberfest) trip in a boot cast.

    Was definitely a bummer, because vibrams made a huge difference when recovering from some ankle and knee issues. 

    Definitely something to be wary off. Oh yea, and if you have any pain on the top of your foot, whatever you do, don't just walk it off and assume it will get better! That's what I learned!!
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    That's really terrible. I was on crutches twice this year, and it really does suck not being mobile.

    As for the fivefingers, I think they can be really great for improving your stride and increasing foot strength, but they really aren't for everyone! And a lot of people also don't use them correctly (using them too much, too soon and all that) which adds to the problem. From your original post, it sounds like you were smart about building up to more miles in them, so it's really a bummer that you went through all that.

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