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Anyone using him as officient?  If so ,are you having trouble getting intouch with him?  Any other suggestions on other officients?.. I want a different kind of ceremony, nothing religious, but maybe spiritual.  Any suggestions?

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    We are using Rev. John Zimmer.  He is awesome.  He's already met with us twice (me by myself first time, then as a couple the other) and he was so patient going through each detail with us.  Though he technically is a Reverend and religious, he says he is comfortable not referencing God in the ceremony.  He said he can mention religion/tradition as much as you would like (he calls it "bobbing and weaving") throughout the ceremony.  We both really loved him; good luck!
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    I think we are going to go with JZ also, if he's available. We thought about Coco, but my catholic mother bawked at the idea (her having seen that episode of Treme with the voodoo chicken radio show didn't help matters). She has not made a single request for the wedding and has contributed a whole lot, so I conceeded on that one.
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    I am using Coco. He is a bit unconventional and maybe hard to get in touch with, but all worth it! The best it's to call him and leave a voicemail He will call you back. His number is 504-251-2668
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    We used Coco.  I contacted him via the email on his website which his daughter monitors and does booking for him.  We had to be patient with getting confirmation that he'd do it...apparently he isn't crazy about booking things really far in advance.  I believe we ended up confirming with him about 4 months out...I had originally contacted him about 6-7 months out.
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    phunluvin82 how did you like Coco? Did he do a good job?
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    Sorry for the late reply...I'm not on here that often anymore...I C&P'd this from my vendor reviews that I posted a few months back:

    Officiant: Coco Robicheaux- B
    For those who don't know, Coco is a local musician and just generally a New Orleans 'character' so to speak, who also happens to be ordained to perform weddings.  We wanted a short & sweet, non-religious ceremony so he seemed to fit the bill.  I will caution right off the bat that if you are someone with a very specific vision of your ceremony, vows, readings, order of events, etc...he is probably not the right choice for you.  If you are going to have Coco, you need to accept that he is basically going to get up there and do his thing.  At the rehearsal, we had a rough order of events...no readings or anything like that, but we did plan to light a candle in memory of deceased relatives.  When it got to that day...Coco lit the candle and said something about 'the fire of love'...lol!  Not what it was intended for!  We laughed about it later, but plenty of brides would probably be pissed about something like that...so Coco may not be for those types of brides.  Overall, I don't regret using Coco...he is a true New Orleanian, and man, that voice!  We got a lot of comments from guests in the nature of, "Oh, you have to tell us about your officiant!"  He also stayed around for the reception, and had come to our rehearsal dinner, and at both events, people basically loved him and got such a kick out of him...you could tell that our OOTers had never met someone like Coco before.
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