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Small group invited?

Hello, Ladies!

Seeking your advice...Originally we were planning on only asking 2 couples from our small group to our wedding. They are the only ones we really feel more of a connection with. Although we like the group, we haven't spent too much time outside of our regular meeting schedule to meet with any of them on a consistent basis. We are on a tight budget and have thought of extending the ceremony part to all of them but only the reception to the 2 couples (mentioned earlier). I really don't want to give the attitude, "you aren't good enough to come to the reception, just the ceremony" but its tricky when we find the only thing we have in common with many of them is studying scripture every week. Also, I don't want them thinking I am a gift seeker but I do know that they would be the kind of audience who could really appreciate the ceremony and hold us to the covenant. Anyone else in a similar situation or know someone who is?


Re: Small group invited?

  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    I only invited 3 couples from my church.  They were the ones that meant the most to me.  I would not recommend inviting anyone to the ceremony but not the reception.  I think you're fine to invite just those two couples and if the others ask, just explain that due to your budget you are not able to invite everyone you'd like to invite.  I don't think you need to explain any more than that.  I'm sure they'll understand.
  • erolliserollis member
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    If two out of six couples is who you are closest to then invite them hands down. Do not worry about the others. Just make sure you mail these two couples the invitations. If for some reason the other couples find out be honest. Because of our budget we could only invite a small number of people.
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  • jm121323jm121323 member
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    I'm in 2 small groups (one being rather large) and FI is in 1.  We decided to invite everyone from all three groups.  Our decision was based primarily on the basis of our level of intimacy with the members of the groups.  By this I mean in the sharing of prayer requests.  I felt it important that those who had been praying for our relationship be invited to witness our wedding and to continue to pray and hold us accountable.

    This is a second wedding for both of us and we are having a cake and punch reception.  The budget wasn't a deciding factor.

    I don't have any real advice.  I just wanted you to hear how we did it.  Regarding ceremony vs reception invites, I agree with pp that they should be invited to both or none.

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    I agree with PP that you should just invite the two couples if those are who you want to invite.  If you are worried about hurt feelings or anything, just try to keep wedding talk to a minimum when everyone is together. 
  • mwhitson14mwhitson14 member
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    I think that in such a small group, it's best to invite them all, because it would be very easy for the couples that did attend to accidentally say something about coming. I understand a tight budget, and I know this will be a hard decision to have to make.

    Also, they either need to be invited to the both the reception and the ceremony or none at all, as it's pretty rude to only do one or the other.
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    You should definitely invite the two couples you're close to. You don't have to mention to the other couples that they're not invited. If they ask, just tell them the truth. You're having a very small wedding. I doubt they'll truly be angry. But do not invite them to the ceremony if they don't have an invite to the reception. That truly can cause offense, and rightfully so.
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