Reflections by Kari

Has anyone used her/them for photography?  I love the work on their website but I could only find one review (it was a positive one)... and her facebook page doesn't go back too far... so I don't know if she's just new, or maybe does more portrait work than weddings?  Any input is appreciated as she's willing to work with our budget if we just go with one photographer instead of 2.  TIA!!
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Re: Reflections by Kari

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    Hey, shoot me an email!  I did a LOT of research on photographers and I'm very picky - my photographer is quite affordable (comparatively, but I don't know your budget) and just shot a wedding at Branford House this weekend that was GORGEOUS!  I can ask her if I can send you the pics, if you want.



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    her work is nice but she doesn't have a lot of reviews on wedding wire.  I am a big fan of checking reviews on wedding wire ... 

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    I wouldn't put much stock in wedding wire honestly, I tried to post a negative review and they wouldn't let me unless I jumped through a lot of hoops, it appears they protect their advertisers

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