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How much are you averaging in costs for you DJ for reception and ceremony in the Richmond area?

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    Our organist is 350. We are getting married Catholic, so we are required to use their musicians, but honestly he is super talented and well worth the cost. Our DJ is from Choice Entertainment company, and we talked him down to 500 from 750. He will be doing the reception only for four hours, and he is more of a classic wedding song DJ instead of a party one. We love older music, so it suits us. However, Choice Entertainment has a great selection of DJs and usually host a free event to come out and meet them. That is how we found ours!
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    We are getting our DJ from Dynamite DJ's.  He's been really nice to work with so far, and they have an awesome website where you can plug in all the information they need for the reception and make a song list.  For four hours of the reception plus one hour to do the ceremony music, it's costing us about $600 (with a discount they were running in March).  We definitely won't be using the entire hour of ceremony time, so that will give us more reception time.  And so far he's been really open to unsual/non-traditional music.  They have an extensive selection of instrumental versions of popular songs for during downtimes (such as the meal).  
  • I went with a guy that was recommended to me, Night Moves-Mike Barnes... he is doing our ceremony and reception and for 5 hrs its $550 i think
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  • Cass which choice DJ did you choose?
  • Hey, Which choice entertainment DJ are you using? Thanks, Katie
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