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Acoustics at the Atrium

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone gotten married at the Atrium or attended a wedding there?  My fiance and I have a date on hold for next year and we absolutely LOVE the venue and staff.  My only concern is the acoustics- we're definitely having a band and it's really important to us that the music sounds great.  It seems like echoing could be a problem.  Did it sound ok??

Re: Acoustics at the Atrium

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    Hey there.  My reception was there last October.  I was worried about the same thing..and it won't be an issue if your band has a sound engineer who knows what they are doing, or even better yet, has been there before.   So personally I would stick with one of the major band companies around (BVT, CTO, etc) because of this.  

    The issue is that it's 10 stories high, so therefore sound tends to reverberate and echo.  Cescaphe has their own sound engineer as well who will work with your band to get things right - he's great, I met with him a few days prior to the wedding because I was concerned, and he explained he would instruct my bands sound engineer as to how to make things work, and we had NO echo issues at all.
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    My parents were there at a wedding this weekend, and they said the acoustics were horrible.  They could just hear echoing the entire time.  Hopefully you won't have that problem!
  • angel33284angel33284 member
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    Ooodsie, can you post a video from the toasts at your reception? I'd like to hear your audio if there was no echo problem. I think you were handed a line of bull by the guy at Cescaphe and on the wedding day you were just too wrapped up in other things to notice.

    I'd be willing to bet that your toasts are barely intelligible. That place is just one huge echo chamber and nothing short of lining the walls and floors with carpet there's nothing that can be done about it.
  • Stacylynn702Stacylynn702 member
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    I was a guest at a wedding there.  The toasts were a little hard to hear but it did not ruin the evening.  It was probably the most beautiful wedding I've ever attended.  The atmosphere was awesome and they had a band that we could hear perfectly.  It was a great night.  I wouldn't let that interfere with your decision making.  It's a beautiful venue!
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    I was actually more referring to the band than the actual toasts... my main concern with the acoustics were that the bands music would sound good and not be echoing - and it was fine.  But now that you mention it I did just watch our video back so I could hear our toasts and they were totally fine.. so if i can figure out how to splice it and post it, I'd be happy to.
  • angel33284angel33284 member
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    For a band it is going to sound fine. Because the band is going to be so much louder than the echo. That's why they can use hockey rinks for concerts even though the acoustics are crap.

    I'm curious to hear how the toasts sound on camera because I was at a wedding there and didn't sit near the dance floor and speakers and we couldn't understand a single thing that was being said. Guests that are further away from the dance floor are going to get more echo and less original sound from the speakers.
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    I can't say for sure then because we were at the sweetheart table by the end of the dance floor - and my videographer appears to have been right near us during the toasts based on the camera angles..  so in our video everything sounds great, but again, he was not far away. 

    Regardless, I think the overall atmosphere of the venue is well worth it even if the couple minutes of toasts are slightly echoed.   But I do think it's very important that your band has played there before, or is at least a very experienced band, because the room IS tricky and I can imagine a band may have some sound issues at first in general.
  • starrryeyd19starrryeyd19 member
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    Thanks for the feedback! I'm in LOVE with the venue, so I'm glad the sound isn't going to be a deal breaker.  I think we're going to book Central Park- I saw them at a wedding a few years ago and they were amazing.  I called Cesaphe to check and they said the band has played there numerous times and is very familiar with the sound and setup.   
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