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Will you make a New Years resolution?

Did you make a New Years resolution last year?

Why/why not?  

What is it?

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Congrats to my super sweet BFPB, veronicafvr, She's a SEP '11 momma

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Re: Will you make a New Years resolution?

  • threemarie24threemarie24 member
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    edited December 2011
    I will be making one, or more this year. 

    1) actually GO to the gym
    2) try and get out of debit as much as I can before getting Prego

    I am the worst with resolutions, I am very excited to make changes, I change for a few weeks, but I never really keep up with anything. This year has to be there year! I'll be a married woman in 2 months, this IS going to be the year! 

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    Congrats to my super sweet BFPB, veronicafvr, She's a SEP '11 momma

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  • drdifabiodrdifabio member
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    edited December 2011
    I dont keep up with them. I have tried a number of times and have given up now :).

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    Last year my resolution was to give up pop and I gave it up until this last September, so I went 7 months without pop (except an occassional can here and there). Since school started, I've been drinking pop again, almost daily, so I really want to give that up again. And try to get in better shape for the wedding, but I'm not going to stress over it.
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    I rarely stick with mine - I find that if I hype things up in my head, I'll never follow through. However, this year I am resolving to go to church more often and to find a volunteer activity that I can commit to.
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    I never stick to mine.  But I would also like to cut out pop.  When I did a year so ago I lost a lot of wieght.  also I want to go to the gry more and keep up more with all the house work
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    I had one last year, which was to not go to chain restaurants, (with the exception being if a social situation called for it) and I managed to stick to it! Social situations (mainly FI's family rarely goes anywhere that is NOT a chain - and we eat with them a few times a month) made me go to some, but I did pretty darn good, but I am already making plans for getting some Chipotle on January 1!

    A few years ago I gave up bacon for a year and did that.

    I like to find weird obscure challenges, apparently mostly food related. I am good at sticking to them, so I've been trying to come up with a good one for for 2010. Soda, like a lot of you mentioned is a good one, though I do love me a cold can of coke! Hmmmm, what to do?!

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