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Has anyone had experience with this

This is both my FI and I's second marrige (not to eachother lol) 

He is Catholic, I am Protestant, and we attend a Protestant Church together. (He is non practicing Catholic, I have major issues with the Catholic Church, and the church we attend is more us :)  )

We plan on marrying in a Protestant Church...

He brought up that he has to Annull his first marriage to marry me within a church...I was under the impression that was only within the Catholic Church and not Protestant, I grew up Baptist and have never heard of anyone having to annull their marriage...(asked our pastor and he says that is not a requirement, and that is if we marry in a Catholic Church and not ours)

So if someone can clarify this for me that would be great...I know my FI doesn't want to rehash things that happened in the past...and I honestly think his ex would just take it as a chance to cause a big problem...(she cheated, got pg, remarried as soon as the legal waiting period was up...tried to cause rifts between me and him before)

Thanks for Listening!!!
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Re: Annullments?

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    As long as they're legally divorced it doesn't matter. Protestants don't require religious annullments, so as long as you guys get married in a Protestant church you shouldn' have any problems.
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    You can get married in a Protestant church without an annulment.  The only issue is that if your FI wants to have the marriage recognized in the Catholic church, he would need a) to get an annulment in the Catholic church, and b) to get special advance permission from the Catholic church to get married in a Protestant church.  In addition, you would need to get an annulment of your first marriage from the Catholic church.  Whether all of this is worth it depends on how important it would be to him to have his marriage to you recognized by the Catholic church.
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