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frurstration has set it

I know it's all in God's timing but this inbetween nonsense of things not working out it getting old pretty quickly ...

First the hospital told me they had applicants that had more experiance - But the job is STILL listed in the paper and has been for the last month since that interview , he said my interview went well but I didnt have enough experiance {which is NOT true } ...

Then I had an interview on Monday and they said " Let us know if you are intersted " ... I said right there and then that I was ... Then he said " Let me talk it over with Sue and check your refrences " ... That was again this past monday... I'm still waiting ...

Also on Monday i got an email from a lady who had asked me previously if I was sure I was applying for the position at that location [ there's one a lil closer but we will be moving Lord willing for school to the area that I applied to ] I breifly explained the story to her that we would be relocating for school etc. A week goes by ... She emailed me AGAIN saying they would be more inclined to interview me if they knew more precicly when I would be moving ... Um number one this place is about 25 -30 min from my house... That's NOT that far at all ! I politly explained indepth yet again that I was moving due to school and we are waiting for jobs and a house in the area and that i'm NOT concernd with the drive since I drive almost twice that far now for a job.

I'm blown away that someone has to use distance as an excuse to not hire or even inteview someone ... Seriously ??!! That's almost discrimination ... I know a lady that works there and I talked to her about it and she was appauled at how this girl is acting and said just forget it and move on ... Well I may not have that choice cause cleary I need a job in that area ...

The things people say these days just blows my mind ! Just be honest... If she didnt wanna hire me for whatever reasons then why even email me in the first place ??!!
Love is All You Need

Re: frurstration has set it

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