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  • I'm not sure what part of town youre in, and I'm not sure if these business even do this, because I've never done anything like that.... But there's Donahue paper company off Yosemite and arapahoe, on the south east side (ish, it's a little ways down Yosemite) there's also some sign place on arapahoe I can't think of the name, but it's sign something, they might be an option. And IDK what your budget is, but there is cloud 9, and they are an invitation company but they started at 800$ when I talked to them for 100 invites. My FI would die if he saw these invites haha
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    I'm north of denver but ill check into the places you mentioned. Thanks! We had planned on doing invitations that looked like baseball tickets but I kind of want something a little more formal.
  • Did you have any luck??? I think we are the only people who are legit active this board..
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