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question for the workout junkies

Have all the the New Year's resolution people quit going to the gym yet? Not wanting to be cliche, but realizing I need to do something about my general fitness level, I'm planning on working out again, but don't want to have to fight through the crowds. After getting a cortisone shot in my shoulder 1.5 weeks ago, I am at a point that I can start doing something again.

Re: question for the workout junkies

  • My gym is still a little crowded, but not as bad.
  • I need to use my gym membership.  I have been using the Wii fit plus lately and that is a good start
  • It's thinning out now at my gym.  Thank god.
  • I go to the gym at work.  I'd heard that it would be packed at the beginning of the year with all the resolutioners, but that really wasn't the case.  But, last week they started this "Biggest Loser" contest and the gym has been ridiculously crowded.  It's kind of annoying having so many newbies there, and it makes me feel oddly superior.
  • What time of day do you guys go? The only time I can fit it into my schedule is 7:00-7:45 am, before I go to work. Since I am in a workshop tomorrow and don't have to teach, it's a good day for me to start.
  • It's thinning out at my gym too, but I usually go late morning, early afternoon.  I do think early is a good time, depending on your typical gym crowd.

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  • It's thinned out some at my gym, but is still busier than usual.

    I work out at peak time--5 o'clock after work, though.  Not sure what morning crowds would be like.
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  • It has slowed down tremendously at my gym.  It's still a bit busier than it is during the majority of the year, but I can at least find an open treadmill.
  • Mine's pretty much returned to normal.   I wouldnt have figure it would have taken more than a month.  Don't they say the average resolution lasts like, two weeks?


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  • I just started my membership at this gym in December and I'm still going, don't know if that counts or not. But I usually go late morning when I'm not working when there is hardly anyone there.
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  • I try to go before work (5:00am) so it's not bad, but the few times I had to go after work (6-7pm) was way too crowded for me.
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  • My gym will still be a little crowded until around Valentine's day.  I think the fact that they are locked in to a 2 year membership lays the guilt on them thick enough to keep them there an extra couple of weeks.
  • I also work out at peak time, after work. Mornings at my gym are super dead (especially Sundays - I love it), but it is just a PITA for me to go before work. So I work out at home in the morning with DVDs. 

    My gym is a popular chain, though, and in LA there are SO many people who want to be in shape. So its really always the same - hard to get a machine in the afternoon, no matter what.
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