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MOH Help!

Warning....this is a little long, sorry. In advance, thanks for reading and the advice.
Obviously the wedding is plenty far enough off to not have to decide now, BUT I have been thinking about it because im kind of in a sticky situation with my choices. I wont be announcing to anyone until next year at our engagement party, but like I said just thinking about it and getting opinions from others since I really dont want to talk about it with the girls im thinking about.
So, I have a younger sister that I do not get along with, AT ALL. We have always butted heads. She came home from Alabama just recently and I tried my hardest to be nice. When she started a fight, I would change the subject, but it just ended horribly and I was glad she went back. She is the most irresponsible person I know and she is too opinionated and not very openminded. Its usually her way or she just whines.
On the other hand, my cousin who is a few years older than me has talked about my wedding and helped me start planning, she goes to the stores, alone, and is always on the computer and thinking of new ideas and just eager to help with everything. Her and I get along and she has been there a lot for me. The only thing is we just reconnected after not talking for most of our life (my parents and hers did not get along so we never saw each other). So, we have been constantly together like sisters for almost 2 years now. Im just nervous something will happen between us or my FI and her husband and we will stop talking. Which is also the reason im kind of waiting a year to really say anything to make sure I still talk to everyone. haha I wouldnt think so because of the maturity and her and I are just a like and dont like conflict...but you never know.
Anyways, after all thats said, my mom has begged me to have my sister as the MOH. BEGGED me!! She told me to wait a year or longer and maybe things will change with her. I just dont see that happening, but I am waiting and trying for my moms sake. I really want my cousin and my mom is sooo mad at me for even thinking about that idea. I know im going to need someone who is responsible and is there for me, and also someone that does like in another state. My cousin is so crafty and good with planning and helping. And for a DIY bride, I will need her skills in crafts and her imagination.
What do you think.

Re: MOH Help!

  • I think its a great idea that you are waiting till you're closer to the wedding to pick your BP.I think even a year out is still too early to announce your BP since ppl, relationship and financial situations change and it's proper etiquette not to kick anyone out of the BP.

    You should choose who ever you want. Your mom shouldn't have a say so about who your MOH is. From what it seems like from your post is that your sister probably won't care too much if she's your MOH or not since you two don't get along. She may cause drama but that would be solely to be AW.
  • Thanks for the advice.
  • I dont think its really important to know everyone in your wedding party by that time because the engagement party is really just for you and your fiance. It is up to you tho. :)
  • I personally feel  you should wait till at least the beginning of 2012. People and situations change with little to no notice. It is also consider poor etiquette to kick anyone out of the WP or replace them. .
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