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***Update on Cary Diaz issue*** (im sorry - its pretty long......)

ok girls... so for those of you that maybe dont remember or did not read my previous post:
"About 6 months ago I did a Mary Kay class at my house and invited some of my friends bc a photographer was doing Mary Kay part time and she needed to have the classes for a certain amount of people. Therefore, in return, she offered a free engagement session at a location of my choice. We discussed several times that I didnt want to take photos until my braces were removed and she always said "Dont worry, we have time; there is no hurry." Since there was no deadline to take the photos, I kept following up with her a couple of times to let her know the status of my braces removal and her response was always the same: "Dont worry, we have time - let me know as soon as they are removed." We did do the Mary Kay class when she wanted because she had a deadline; so the free engagement agreement was through email and text; of course there is not contract involved bc i thought her word was enough. Forward to this past Friday, I contact her to let her know that my braces will be removed in April and she replies back saying "Sorry, but the pictures had to be taken in 2011, I cannot extend it to this year and besides I have no availability." I replied back and explained to this person that we had an agreement between each other and that she NEVER SAID THE PICTURES HAD TO BE DONE IN 2011. If she would have said that, dont you think I would have taken the pictures, even with braces on, since they were free??

So, this is what had been going on this past week!!! I left reviews on yelp, wedding wire, project wedding, etc. on her business and asked my close friends to unlike her fb page since they had liked her months ago bc i was in a contest!! So i guess she saw the reviews and completely turned psycho! She has been logging into my personal wedding website to leave me weird comments like "cant wait, things in life are never free, ugh im glad im not invited to your wedding, etc...." This is harassment!!! Seriously, what did she expect?? When you as a vendor screw a client over this way and obviously the client is not going to leave you good reviews, are you going to go psycho like this and start harassing her??? I am in shocked and I cant believe this is happenning!! I have been told my several friends to tell security the day of my wedding just in case she decides to show up because that is the feeling that we are getting after all these comments! I am also saving all the emails and comments as proof...

So I wanted to know if you guys have any more suggestions, please let me know!!!
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Re: ***Update on Cary Diaz issue*** (im sorry - its pretty long......)

  • Honestly I would just ignore her. that seems strange that she would go to such lengths to find your website. But what's done is done. Your wrote the reviews, I would be the bigger person stop posting about her and just move on.


  • yes exactly!! Im not going to sink down to her level!! I wrote my reviews, which is my right and liberty of expression, and thats it!! I am not responding ot none of her comments and thats it!! I'm just scared that maybe since she is this crazy, she will actually show up that day! I mean, unfortunately, she already has the location and date and time of my wedding so that's the only thing that is freaking me out! I mean, you dont know what to expect from her. I didnt expect she would take this route; I have never dealt with a vendor that actually does this, so I just dont know what she is trying to do.
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  • i think you should just ignore her. You already let everyone one the type of business she has with the reviews so that has to count for something. But just ignore her ... Somes times ignoring someone hurt more :)..
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    I had an issue with a photographer (which I never named in any posts) that called me and confronted me!  People have some NERVE!!

    Anyways, I agree with the PP.  Just leave it and stop responding to her.  I would tell the hotel staff that you are having this issue and are nervous this person may show up.

    And your bases are covered.
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  • I think would call her and say: You did have a contract - if she sent you an email from a company/work email that had any connection to her business it counts - a contract doesn't have to be written out and signed by both parties - she is a business owner and it is enough that she emailed you with an offer and you replied yes. Contract formed. At this point you could - I stress could because I never would, but I'd threaten. You could sue her for however much an engagement shoot costs with a photographer on a similar level as her (been working about the same number of years, etc.) and for court fees. Again I never would b/c it would be such a hassle but I'd say stop harassing me or I will take action against you, you're lucky all I did was write a review about you. I would also say that you have alerted security and if she trys to show up she will be escorted out. I would only do that if ignoring really didn't help. I may also put it all in an email and cc the better business bureau. Maybe even cc the attorney general. That should shut her up. As a disclaimer - I'm crazy and aggressive and also not giving legal advice just saying what I'd do haha.
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  • Wow, thats crazy!!!  Sorry you are dealing with this.  As the other girls said, I would ignore. 
  • Ignore but document everything she writes to you/comments about you. So sorry this is happening!

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  • Thank you girls!!! I am saving and printing out everything that she writes to me and I already blocked my fb page entirely (although she already has my wedding website). I wish I could password protect my wedding website but all my guests already have the adress that I sent through them on the Save The Date so thats wouldnt be a good option... I will continue ignoring her and I will definitely let the Wedding Coordinator and the security at the church and the venue know my concern!

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  • Wowwwwww that lady is a nightmare.... dont worry about it... You did the right thing by leaving the correct reviews of her service.... i agree with the ladies. plus she is not that crazy to do something at your wedding knowing that you could take legal actions against her....
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  • Im so sorry this is happening to you. I do Mary Kay and would contact her national director - that is so very unprofessional. After this I would ignore her - bad word of mouth is the worst kind and you'll never recover. Just as an FYI - when you host a party - that is considered as a hostess gift and you can redeem it in another year. She would on her IRS taxes account for the time/mileage and costs and expense it. I'm so disgusted. I'll spread the word on my end through Mary Kay - giving us a bad name.
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