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Wynn Brides- Flowers

What flowers did you have and what were the costs?

Re: Wynn Brides- Flowers

  • atlcatloveratlcatlover member
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    Your WC should give you a list of the price ranges for different florals.

    We had the Petite Ceremony and there was an allowance for my bouquet included, but my upgrade was $180 extra.  I was very particular about the flowers I wanted (esp since I didn't have any BM) so I was ok with that extra money.  I had a 6 stem bouquet of red roses in memory of my Mom which cost $65.  We had single rose boutonnieres which were $35 each.

    I had a lot of decor in the courtyard, but I gave my WC our total budget for decor and she helped me decide what we could/should have to make best use of that money.  That is where I felt the Wynn was exceptional - just tell whoever you are working with what you are comfortable spending and they will absolutely work with you.  They deal with brides of all budgets.

    I hope that helps but if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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    I'm not sure what your budget is....but my wedding co-ordinators told me that they could re-create anything I wanted and could upsize or downsize it depending on the cost I wanted to spend. If you have some pictures of the bouquets you like, send them to your WC and they can give you a price quote. It doesn't hurt to figure out whats more expensive and what isn't.

    As for my flowers, I am also doing the petite ceremony. It includes one bouquet and one boutonnerie. Since i'm flying in from canada, our customs dept. does not allow, from what i've been told, the importing of flowers, so I do not plan on spending more on flowers if I won't be able to bring them home....something else to think about or consider.
  • Lowie77Lowie77 member
    edited December 2011
    I upgraded and it was my husands eccomendation and I am SOOO happy I did it. I had 24 ivory roses and hydrangias, it was absolutly beautiful. I was quoted a litte over 100 for it.
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    i had a bouquet of what must have been almost 30 black magic red roses, which were absolutely gorgeous.  i had the jewish package, which included my bouquet and i did not upgrade.  i had no idea how many roses were going to be in the bouquet (i guess i could have asked), but was surprised and excited to see that there were so many.  their flowers are so beautiful (but expensive).  we had ivory rose bouts for the guys which were about 40 each and corsages for the women which were 70 each.

    if you have the jewish package, don't upgrade.  i dont' know about the other packages, but it seems that other brides upgraded their bouquets if they had the petite ceremony.  i'd recommend upgrading.  it's worth it!
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