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October 2011 Weddings

Guilty Pleasure: Favorite Game Show

Alrighty girls, my apologies for not coming up with the best of topics lately but I'm trying to save some of my "better" ones and spanning them out.  It's hard coming up with ideas for these sometimes!

This week, I'm curious what your favorite game show is.  Maybe we don't catch it all that often or maybe its not even on television anymore, but go on, tell us which is your favorite(s).
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Re: Guilty Pleasure: Favorite Game Show

  • HinajHinaj member
    I am a nerd....I like Jeapordy :)
  • I haven't watched a game show in over ten years.
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  • Does reality game shows count? If so I love Big Brother and the Amazing Race
    Otherwise I like Whammy!
  • Big bucks, big bucks and no whammys!
    Haha, I remember when that show was on when I was younger.

    I liked The Price is Right (but back in Bob Barker's days) and I'm going to have to side with Hina on Jeopardy.  I never watch it, haven't in years, but now and again when I see it on I'm thinking "ooh, let's watch that!"
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  • Lets make a deal!
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  • Jeopardy and The Wheel, hands down...although Pat Sajak gets weirder and weirder with every episode.  Oh, and Most Extreme Challenge.

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  • I would have to go with jeopardy. My dad almost made it to the show. He was in the final rounds for the actual TV show and lost. So close! He is really good at it though.
  • I love Jeopardy but haven't been home to watch it in ages. I would have to go with Cash Cab. I love when they get super weird people on there!
  • I used to love price is right but now I am leaning more towards Let's Make a Deal
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  • I love watching Wheel of Fortune... but I have to admit that I love playing Family Feud (on fb) LOL
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