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Florida-South Florida

Friday (mini) Checks!!

Hi Girls!!

I miss posting so I look for any chance I get (haha)

1. I lost 0.6 pounds for a total of 2.2 pounds!! I have just about 9 more to go before the wedding but I'm very excited. I know this seems like nothing but I couldn't budge my weight and it's finally [email protected]

2. I booked my rehearsal dinner cake - a Dolphins themed cake (a surprise for FI - I'm a huge Eagles fan) - It's $90 and it will feed 75. We're inviting 100 but I feel like there's always leftover cake, lol.

3. I got my FG gifts and RB gift in the mail already (JUST ordered like 4 days ago?) - they're perfect - great quality and so cute!! I got them from personalizationmall.com. Here are pictures again in case you are interested!!


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Re: Friday (mini) Checks!!

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    Awesome checks & congrats on the weight loss!

    Where did you order your RD cake from?  I want to do a grooms cake for FI and $90 seems very reasonable.

    Thanks hun & HAPPY FRIDAY!
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    That's awesome Court! You are always so productive =) !


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    I actually got the cake from a friend of a friend - are we friends on facebook?? If so - go to my page and look for Marcy Whyne Cohen - tell her Courtney Soloff sent you! :) :)
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  • JillianLLJillianLL member
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    Great checks babe!! I am going to look your friend up, thanks!
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    congrats on the checks and the weight loss!  you've been on a roll lately! 

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  • twinkle82576twinkle82576 member
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    Congrats. on all your accomplishments.
  • atizonatizon member
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    great checks!! and congrats on losing weight. you definatly will reach your goal on time :)

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  • bluebookbluebook member
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    GREAT checks!! And congrats on making the scale budge. I am also going to contact your friend, that's a great price!
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    Seriously. You are like the wedding guru! So ahead and productive for sure!!! Go Court Go! 
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  • Ven1Ven1 member
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    Congrats on the checks!
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    Congrats on the checks and weight loss...any weight lost is good news. You will be where you need to be!
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    Congrats, Court!! :)

    I'm going to look your friend up, too
  • jennej24jennej24 member
    edited December 2011
    Great checks! I already picked out a gift for my FG, but that frame is so cute I might have to get one of those too!
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    Congrats Courtney! You have been getting a lot done lately!
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