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A Fairy Tale Proposal

I feel like some background information is necessary for the story to make sense to everyone, so bear with me... 

  • FI and I met during our freshman year of college and have been dating since January 2010.
  • FI has spent the past seven months living in Orlando working at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort with the Disney College Program.
  • Since FI started working at Caribbean Beach, I have been obsessed with the fact that he can make towel animals. I think they are so funny. I ask him if he made any that day, beg him to send me pictures of them, etc.
  • I planned to visit FI during the week before his last week in the program.

I think that's all that is necessary for the story to begin... here we go!


It was Sunday, July 22, and I had scheduled my flight so that FI would have precisely enough time to finish his work day and get to the airport to pick me up. I was SO excited to see him! We had been able to see each other for a week earlier this summer, but I had not seen him in person in two and a half months. I was antsy and could not focus on anything. As luck would have it, my flight was delayed. I texted FIi and told him the bad news. He told me to relax and let me text him while I waited even though he said he was "cleaning checkouts" -- an excusable lie. He said that work felt long, but getting to see me was worth the wait.

When I finally got on the ground, we had to maneuver through the large airport to find each other. It was so great to see him! We got in his car and he began to drive to Caribbean Beach-- I was going to be staying at his workplace for the week. We talked about my flight and what we hoped to do throughout our week together.

When we got to the resort, FI told me I would be staying in the first room he had ever been assigned. We walked up the stairs and through the corridor to my room. I opened the door to find the room covered in rose petals, candles, and towel animals -- dozens of towel animals.

I started laughing, but was generally unfazed. FI has been really great throughout our entire relationship at sending me beautiful, heartfelt cards when he knows I need them, buying me flowers for special occasions, and surprising me with dollar store finds just because. I knew only two things at that point: I had a really great boyfriend, and I really needed to use the bathroom after my long flight.

I told FI that I loved the towel animals but I really needed to go to the restroom. He told me to go ahead, but later told me he started freaking out a little. There was a card on the table that I had seen but overlooked in my haste.

When I came back, FI asked me to come over to the table where the card sat nestled in a Mickey head made of towels. He was standing behind me and told me to read the card. Unsatisfied with my position in the room, he turned my shoulders so I was facing the table directly. I began to read the card--it was beautiful. Paragraphs telling me how much I mean to him were finished with one last line: "Turn around..."

It was seriously not until then that I figured it out.

FI was behind me on one knee. His favorite part of the proposal (I'm assuming besides my answer!) was when I looked at him and said, "Is this for real?!"

FI nodded and asked, "[My full name], will you marry me?" Obviously, since you're reading this, I said yes!

We celebrated our engagement with the best vacation ever! After calling our families, we spent the rest of that evening at Downtown Disney.

We drove to Clearwater for a beach day on Monday. Even though it was raining, it was perfect. We went to Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure on Tuesday where I finally got to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We divided Wednesday between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, where we celebrated our engagement at The Hollywood Brown Derby. We were sent champagne and chocolate mousse "from the mouse." :) On Thursday, we went to Magic Kingdom, where we ate breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table. Meeting my favorite princess, Ariel (even though I know she is a cast member) was great, and FI was laughing at me (lovingly) the whole time because I was squealing like a three year old. We stayed all day at Magic Kingdom, and it felt like we did EVERYTHING. It was so worth the exhaustion. I had planned to spend Friday on my own before FI took me to the airport after work, but he got the day off and we were able to have one more day of fairy tale bliss before I left for Chicago.

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