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RANT: Pre-Cana flop

So FI and I went to our pre-cana class on Saturday. I wasn't really looking forward to the all day event, but I was looking forward to learning something about each other and just the overall feel of the day.

I hated it! We had to introduce ourself and FI to the group. It became gross, it was a big love-fest. Oh, he's the best thing that ever happened to me, Oh she's the love of my life....Yeah, I get it. That's why you're getting married.

The one thing that I was personally looking forward to was the discussion on finances. My FI and I haven't combined finances yet and I don't know where to start. That was the one thing that they skipped over!

I didn't learn anything new, it was a waste of my time. We live together already, we have a successful relationship, so why did we spend all day talking about communication and crap! UGH, it was so frustrating.
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Re: RANT: Pre-Cana flop

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    Awe, I'm sorry you didn't like yours..I really liked ours!
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    Sorry yours wasn't great:( That is too bad. Ours was really great actually, but it was done by our church, not the archdiocesce. I think it really depends, with those weekend classes, the group and couple leading it you get.
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    Ugggg...sorry you had a bad experience :( Our church offers smaller group pre-cana  with married couples but church is in the suburbs and FI and I live in the city and it's way too hard to get out there by 6pm on weeknights so we have to do the Saturday all day. For those of you who have already attended--about how many couple are there on a Saturday?
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    Yeah I thought ours was an expensive waste of time.  Most of it was pretty common knowledge, but I thought parts that should be more extensive was run through pretty fast.  Ours wasn't a love fest...it was about 40 other couples that did not want to talk or be there, so luckily, we got out early even though the pre cana couple tried to drag it out as long as possible.  lol.
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    Go through the book- the part on finances is helpful.

    It all depends on your couple. Our couple was great and even though we personally didn't reveal anything new, the letters to each other were nice!
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    Ours was a weekend retreat and it was pretty horrible.  Thankfully we bonded with one couple which felt similarly, but otherwise what a waste of money and time.  It was really catered to couples getting married right out of college that were not living together.  FH and I are mid thirties and living together and we just felt like very little information was relatable (our was also at a literal camp site so we had to sleep in bunks and stuff).  I also was pretty turned off by how they responded to career women.  Thankfully, it's over.
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    I'm so sorry you had a bad experience.  Did you go to s regular pre-Cana or a "special" pre-Cana - ours was a special pre-Cana, so pretty much all the couples were over thirty and already living together.  Everyone was really down to earth and there was no big lovefest. 

    Anyway, FI and I defintely still have some financial stuff that we're working out, and the workbook is pretty helpful so far. Hopefully you will be able to get something out of that even if the actual class wasn't helpful.  Good luck!
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