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Short notice ladies' night for pregnant bride! PLEASE HELP!

I need some fun ideas that would be appropriate for a pregnant bride!  Luckily, she's very easy going and said she would be fine with having a dinner.  I've got dinner at her fav restaurant booked for a party of up to 15 for the weekend before the wedding.  But after that, I'm stumped!  Mani/pedi/spa day will be two days before the wedding, so that idea's out.  Prenatal massage is something else I thought she would appreciate, but she's considered high-risk and I don't know if that will affect anything and don't want to chance it.  Any input would be appreciated!  Thanks! Cool

Re: Short notice ladies' night for pregnant bride! PLEASE HELP!

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    What you have planned sounds wonderful! Maybe after dinner you could go back to your house and watch movies or make mocktails or bake cookies, etc..

    As for the pre-natal massage, I think that's a great idea and am not sure if that would be something she'd have to stay away from being high risk. I'm not very educated on that stuff, but I've heard that pre-natal massages are great for pregnant women because they can help reduce swelling and nerve pain. Maybe you could have the bride talk to her doctor and see if there are any risks with her getting one.
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    I think dinner alone would be just fine.  Dinner can last for hours with just chit chat, so i see no reason to plan more.  
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    If she's high risk dinner will probably be enough, you don't want to tire her out.  The idea a PP had about going to back to your place for movie night is good too.  That way she can take her shoes off and put her feet up. 
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    I think the dinner on it's own is a fine idea!
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