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April 2010 Weddings

Post-Wedding Resolutions

So as the past few posts talk about - wow, it's done with...now what?

so that's the question - what are you going to do now? What new hobby are you going to take up or big plans next?

1) Learn to make and decorate the BEST CAKE EVER! and by the 1 yr mark we will be able to toast over a PERFECT cake - my way!

2) maybe this fall try to start back to school

3) might have to have surgery this summer (will see the surgeon next week) - boo... nothing big just corrective stuff.

4) plan a trip back to the states to visit family - will be Chris' first trip back in over 5 years.
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My Ceremony Location - Scottish Castle

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Re: Post-Wedding Resolutions

  • Good post! I think mine will be:

    1. Strive to cook more balanced meals for the both of us - at least 2-3 times a week...I bought a great cookbook on our HM, that I hope will help get me started. Time to stop eating like single folks! LOL

    2. Remember the way I felt - the peace, love and contentment - with Rand on our wedding day and in the week that followed forever....and bring that memory back up when he says or does something that makes me wanna scream!

    3. Start thinking about heading back to work, after a couple of months off for the wedding...all good things must come to and end :-)
    April 24, 2010
    Second Anni-trip: Niagara Falls!
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  • Great post!

    1. SAVE money!
    2. Finish our PhDs (DH Is almost done, I have 2 or so more years)
    3. P90X (started this morning)
    4. Cook more healthy and natural foods
    ~Margaret (and Nick)~
    Post-Wedding Life Blog!
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  • 1. get the picctures organized...once i get them from photog
    2. scrap book
    3. pay off bills
    4. work on buying that horse
    5. start trying to make a baby by the end of the year

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  • Get a dog =) (we are really excited about this one!)

    Start working out more

    Get a new job!

    Start buying new stuff to decorate our house

    Save for a trip to Alaska to visit brother and sister in law

    Oh and save money again (almost forgot the most important one!)
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  • Clean all the excess crap out of the house (it was his mom's and a lot of the stuff in it is ancient and now in poor condition)

    Buy a new sofa

    Get that album together after getting pics; organizing my pics on my computer and getting a backup system established.

    Buy a house eventually!

    April 2010 Siggy Challenge: Next Vacation Destination
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