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Do all my invitations have to match?

I'm in super budget mode for my wedding in May 2011 so I've been ebaying, etc. I plan on sending out about 150 invitations. Do all of them have to be the same? OR can I do half of one kind and half of a completely different design?

Also, my colors are Eggplant and Emerald Green but unless I do custom invites those colors are hard to find - do the invitations have to match my color scheme?

Re: Do all my invitations have to match?

  • I think you would be ok to do half and half.  Its not like guests are going to be comparing their invitations to each others.  If it were me though, I'd send one kind to FI family and one kind to my family to keep it consistent.

    I think its ok to not use eggplant and emerald green in your invites - but maybe you can choose something thats more readily available that would coordinate?  Like navy blue would probably look good with both of those colors plus it should be easy to find.

    Hope this helps!
  • Why wouldn't they all match?  Nobody is going to care if it matches your color scheme, but I find the idea of sending different invitations to different people weird, it smacks of tiered treatment of your guests.
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  • I think different invitatiosn would be just fine as long as everyone is being invited to the same thing.  Don't have one invite printed out asking people to come to dinner and another asking people to come for just dancing after dinner.

    Also, a super budget wedding with 150 invitations? or 150 guests?  Don't order double of what you need!
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  • Last year my MOH did 3 different colored mattes for her invites.  It was cute when they were all together (to see the fall color theme), but the guests didn't know the difference.  I think it's fine to have different colors, as long as your actual invitation (with the wording) remains consistent.


  • We got a kit of white invites from Michaels and are printing them in purple ink. They came with a white ribbon, but I'm replacing it with green. Easy, cheap purple and green invites!
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  • I think it would be very odd for one group of guests to get one invite and another group to get something totally different.  Somebody would get their feelings hurt, for sure.  I'd ty to find a way to send everybody the same thing.

    Plus, stuff usually gets cheaper as you buy more of it.  

    As far as matching your color scheme - I think it would be advisable to do, at least a little.  Envelopes, ribbon, ink, etc. are all easy ways to include the right colors.  As a guest, I like to know what the colors are before I go so that I don't wear them inadvertantly.  I wouldn't want anyone to think I tried to look like a BM.
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  • The very cheapest way to go would be design your own on white cardstock, print at home, and for a little added fun you can glue it to a purple or green piece of paper as a backer. Tie a ribbon around for a little extra touch or glue a gem or something on it and viola its got that handmade feel. You can do SUPER cheap invites. OR you can print black and white at kinko's or officemax for pennies and it'll be a bit higher quality.  

    I'm a graphic designer and I've done all my friends wedding invites and they've ranged from $100 - $400 for about 150-175 invites. Go to free font web sites (google free fonts and you'll get a bunch of hits) find something that goes with your style and run with it. and have amazing papers and envelopes. Just be sure that if you're printing at home you get a paper that is inkjet compatible! 
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  • My color is Eggplant as well!!! To save money, I did Half and half & got clearance invites, and I do not regret it. who's gonna know, right? they end up in the garbage in the end.
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  • I think having them not all match is a cool idea. This way if there are a couple styles you really like you can have them both. I have been to LOTS of weddings and I have never compared my invitation to anyone elses.
  • I think it is fine, nobody will get their feelings hurt if it is random so I would not do one color for one group and one for another. Even if you did though, do you think Grandma or whoever is going to whine and be like, I wanted the eggplant invite, not the emerald green... boo-hoo... I doubt it... If they do they you should probably set an extra plate at the kids table for them because that is just childish. If the say the same thing then it shouldn't matter. Especially if people know you are on a budget I highly doubt they will complain; they will just be greatful they got one at all!
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    Here's and idea I'm from MN and we have a wholesale paper company called Anchor Paper  it is the size of a warehouse and they have every color to chose from. My colors are dark purple and an olive green trust me they have every shade of green and purple. You pay by the pound it $9.99 per pound I got 300 hundred sheets of green and 300 sheets of purple for $60.00 so you could call an tell them what you are looking for and they can ship it out. I also printed and had them cut at office depot for $20.00 and I just assembled them myself.

  • My invites don't match. I have two kinds, both with the same wording, etc.. They don't match because the one I liked and bought one DIY kit of was the last on the shelf and I found out after buying them that they were no longer bieng carried, so I got my second choice of invites and am using them.
    I don't care much what people think, and like others have said, nobody's going to compare invites. 
    Ok, unless they're total freaks who are actively searching for something to get all biotchy about, people like that might compare invitations.
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  • We got some of ours on craigslist and they don't match.  I figured why does it matter if the guests aren't going to know that they got different invites?
  • I think it's a great idea. I'm assuming you mean picking up the DIY kits from the clearance aisles where they probably only have one of each. I would go with black and white invitations. Those should be really easy to find and they would look fine with your colors. If you're really going super budget, I woudn't bother trying to add ribbon or anything onto the invites to make them match your colors. It doesn't matter and most people won't remember what they looked like.
    I think invites are a great place to spend as little as possible. I'll be cutting there as well.
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