January 2013 Weddings

Wedding Planning is a full-time job!

We are so far behind in planning our wedding. It is so much work we finally decided to break down and hire a wedding planner to get things together. We found someone we really like, so it feels like such a relief to give in and get some help.

I envy brides who can do it all themselves! How is everyone else's planning experiences going? It seems that January is coming so quickly!

Re: Wedding Planning is a full-time job!

  • Tomorrow is 200 days until my wedding in January!   I am getting back into planning mode after getting lazy about it after we bought our house!  I'm jealous of your wedding planner ;)
  • We are on/ahead of schedule in some areas. I have a couple months off from school until I student teach so I HAVE TO get like nearly everything done by August 20th or I won't have much time to do until after graduation in December...

    I really wish you all the best in your wedding planning! Just don't stress but...I would look into getting save-the-dates like NOW! We sent ours this weekend a couple days after the 6 month mark.
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