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September 2010 Weddings

Group Hug *Sorry I am overly emotional*

I know this gets said pretty often since we are a loving board but I just have to say it one more time:


Thank each and every one of you for: harsh criticism when it was needed, for loving support, for kindness even when I was being silly or overly emotional, for helpful advice when I was clueless, for a laugh when I was already in tears, for a great model of how to overcome bad situations, for teaching me to take lemons and turn them into lemonade and FINALLY: above all else, for reminding me to focus on what REALLY matters on Saturday: David. Seeing that incredible man standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me (ME of all people!) is all that matters. That is the goal. You have all made my heart swellllllll with love for each of you, for my amazing David, for my family/friends and even, as silly as it sounds, for myself. You have been a daily reminder to be thankful for what I have.

I am ready to be a bride because of YOU! I can honestly say there is no way I could've done it without you ladies: the lovers, the fighters, the the drama queens, the comedians. (I am all of the above)

I am leaving in an hour and a half, so this will be my final thread post as a single ladayyy. I will be back to check up on all of you though and see all of your fabulous days in pictures!

LOVE and a hug to each and every one of you!

Re: Group Hug *Sorry I am overly emotional*

  • XOXO!! GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to hear all about it! :-)

    I love my puppy ... and my husband, I swear!
  • Awwww that made me tear up a little!  I hope you have an amazing, wonderful day and enjoy every single second of it!  Have a safe trip down to NC and I'll cross my fingers for you that that pesky Earl stays far, far away!  Early CONGRATS!! xoxo

  • Ok my lia boo boo you just made my cry!!!! What will I do for two weeks without you!! I wish you and D the best wedding day ever!! And I already had a talk with that damn hurricane to stay the hell out of your way so you can have sunny skies!!! I hope you remember to look directly at him when you walk down the aisle and what ever goes wrong it wont matter because your going to be a gorgeous bride!!!
  • just teared up.  for reals.  nothing much to say except GO GET 'EM GIRL!  i am so happy for you and for david and wish you both nothing but the best.  enjoy the rest of the week, and the HONEYMOON!  maybe we will see you bopping around tulum.  cheers to you both, lots of love!

    But, seriously, Lia, have a wonderful wedding day and HM and see you when you get back!
  • It is so mindblowing to me that we are finally reading eachother's last thoughts & send-off's. We're here!

    Congrats Lia and I cannot wait to hear all about it!!!!
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  • I'm already crying enough cuz I'm KU - you're not helping!!

    Good luck & enjoy your day.  Can't wait to see pics!

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  • I think the later chicas get (myself and other end of the monthers) to have all the crazy tention/checking out pictures fun :o)

    Lia--do the damn thing!! :oP

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  • good luck on your bid day!!! enjoy it!!!  :D
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  • YAYYY!!!!! You know I am so happy for you!!  I can't wait to hear all about your fabulous weekend.  Take it all in and come back and write us a huge novel about all of it. 
  • I just got a little filled up too! That was great Lia!

    Have an amazing time at your wedding and your honeymoon! Congratulations to you and David! Enjoy every moment and don't forget to...

    Alison and Tom 9~11~10
  • Made me tear up too!  I wish you the best.  I hope you have a wonderful day and honeymoon.
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  • OK that made me ge alittle teary eyed. Have fun at the wedding and HM! Talk to ya when you get back!!!

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  • Made me a little teary eyed too, best of luck for an amazing wedding day and honeymoon. 

    Can't wait to see pictures
  • Holy ball of emotions we ALL are!  I teared up too :p

    Lia is the first to "go" then we'll be dropping like flies!  Have an AMAZING day, can't wait to see pics and hear all about it! Best of luck to you and D :)


  • You're getting me all teared up over here! Im gonna miss you but have a wonderful day and we will see you back here when you get done with all the fun stuff!!! Muah!!!!
  • AWWWW... How sweet of you Lia..

    Have an awesome day and I wish you and D all the happiness in the world! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures! :)
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  • CONGRATULATIONS my friend! Enjoy every minute!

    I can't wait to see pics and hear all about it. xoxo
  • In Response to Re: Group Hug *Sorry I am overly emotional*:
    Posted by Musicheals71[/QUOTE]
    This. Except kittens and rainbows :P

    Have a great wedding day and great honeymoon!
  • I can't believe we're here already! I can't believe Lia's off to the world of wedded bliss. Have a wonderful, amazing day and can't wait to see you back here refreshed from the honeymoon and ready to dole out advice for everyone else.

  • My heart literally stopped while reading the first "farewell  / sign off" post!  Tears everywhere lol.  Lia I wish you a beautiful, glorious wedding day - you deserve it!  Good luck with EVERYTHING but I know you don't need it.  Please come back with lots of pictures and advice for the ones left behind (for now!)

    Have an amazing wedding day and honeymoon. XOXO.

    I can't believe this is it.  Tomorrow will FINALLY be September, our wedding month!  After all this time, it's finally here!  It's so surreal to know we're about to experience something we've been waiting our whole lives for.  I just want to dance and sing.
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