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First Wedding Nightmare

Well it wasn't that bad but I dreamt that I forgot to go to my hair appointment the morning of the wedding! Then I couldn't find the number of the salon to see if I could still go in.

Anyone else have wedding nightmares yet?
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Re: First Wedding Nightmare

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    I had one.  My FI and I showed up to our ceremony together and I didn't have shoes, my veil, or jewerly.  I just remember being all upset that I was barefoot.  Then we had this weird ceremony and I didn't know what was going on.  Afterwards, my man of honor showed up completely drunk out of his mind.  It wasn't a terrible dream, but it was weird.

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  • I have them every once in a while they all seem to be the same, but with different things happening. They usually go with my mom and dad for whatever reason not wanting FI and I to wait any longer to get married and insist on us getting married that instant! Then my dad and FI would be hunting down a venue and my mom, sister and I will be trying to find dresses and my mom will require me to have my hair done a certain way at the salon that I end up hating. The entire time I keep asking, "what about all the planning and hard work I've done!?", "Why are you guys taking all my fun away!?" and nobody answers me.

    They're always SO weird because my parents are the complete opposite to what my dreams convey, lol!
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  • I had one that it just poured and poured and everything flooded. Everything was just gone. 

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    I've had a ton & I HATE them.

    The first was about a month ago, I got to my reception (in my old house's backyard) & I had forgotten to go over the menu with my caterer so there was NO food. 

    The second was about two weeks ago, I went to show my mom & BMs my wedding dress & it turns out the shop ordered the wrong one: it was a royal blue sequined gown. 

    Last night I had two: My dress was really delayed & arrived too late for alterations so I had to wear a dress 2 sizes too big to my wedding. 

    And I also dreamt last night that I found out I was pregnant & the baby was due 2 months before the wedding but I wasn't sure if I wanted to have it & I was scared to tell FI. 


  • I have them every couple weeks.... they SUCK. 

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  • I dont think I've had any yet but today I'm just very anxious which is silly because its still 11 months away =/
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  • Yes!!! Nightmares about the dress, venue, and people showing up who weren't invited. They seem to come when I check an item off my wedding to do list lol
  • I had one a few weeks ago. In my dream the wedding was that day and I had to just go with whatever I had done up to this point. I didn't even have a dress...........We had to go try to find one!
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  • I had a dream that noone sent out the invites.
    I also had a recurring dream when i was younger.  I would walk down the aisle and begin to say my vows.  Someone in the last row would stand up and say they couldnt hear me. So i had to walk down the aisle again and again and again.....
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  • I've only had two (so far). I had them both in the same night.

    The first one - FI and I were dressed up, ready for our reception. We started dancing our first dance only it was the wrong song. I was upset at first, but then decided that the song was still nice so decided to enjoy the moment. Then realized that the hall/caterer hadn't brought out our cake, so the photographer brought it out - top tear fell off onto the floor. I picked up the smashed top layer - then realized that the DJ never announced us, or anything, played the wrong song, cake wasn't out - and then top layer got smashed - basically everything was going wrong.

    Second one - the bridal party (and parents were standing outside the reception venue waiting to be announced. Everyone was dressed nicely except me - I was in jeans and t-shirt with an appalling 80's hair style. I asked my mom why I wasn't in my dress - she said not to worry as my hair was nice enough. The dream was very vivid with FI and I being announced - for dinner, FI and I were sitting at the end. I was looking around at everyone else, who was dressed nice, and I was upset wondering why I wasn't dressed properly for our wedding. Distraught really. The food was delicious though.

    I'm sure I'll have plenty more in the next 11 months!
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  • I have had a few but havent had any recently thank goodness...
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  • I have them all the time also. Probaby once or twice a month. Arrgh! They're so frustrating!

    My nightmares usually consist of having to get ready right-this-second and nothing is ready and everything is a mess. Once I even had a dream where I had to marry a different man, and my FI was there and I was sad because I wasn't allowed to marry him! Sooo weird.

    Hope these things get better as I get more planning done, not worse. Keeping fingers crossed.
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  •    Thank goodness I have not had any nightmares. There is enough stress with planning a wedding without your subconsious playing nasty tricks on you. I am probably the oldest one of us, so my words of wisdom is... relax, and remember in the end what really matters after all the parties that you are getting to marry your best friend.
  • Must be that time, b/c the other night my sleep was riddled with them.
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