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Step into Spring - Day 5

Answer the question below by 11:59 EST tonight for a chance to win!

>What month are you getting married (bonus if it's a spring month!) and why?

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Re: Step into Spring - Day 5

  • I'm getting married in August because Rhode Island is GORGEOUS that time of year... and I didn't want to interrupt football season!
  • We're getting married in April. FI started dating at the very end of March, but, due to having a Catholic wedding, couldn't get married during lent. We picked the first weekend after Easter to be close to our original anniversary and to take advantage of how beautifully decorate the church will be!
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  • October. Fall in WI is beautiful, not too hot and not too cold.


  • April!  But it didn't really matter because Vegas is typically awesome weather, but the nights stop being a little chilly.
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  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    I'm getting married in May because it's not hot and it's not cold which is exactly why I love Spring :)

  • I am getting married in August. The weather is lovely!
  • I am getting married in April because it's the month of our anniversary and the weather is usually pretty good that time of year in Boston.
  • I am getting married in April because the weather is perfect and everyone wants to get outside and enjoy themselves! Spring is perfect for weddings!
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  • We're getting married in AUGUST! August is such a fun month here in Chicago - there will be plenty to do for our out-of-town guests as it'll be Labor Day weekend! Also, my best friend/maid of honor is getting married in June so we wanted to leave a little bit of space between our celebrations. :)
  • We are getting married in October. We chose October based on our work schedules, and because of the beautiful weather.
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  • Ro041Ro041 member
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    We are getting married in October also!  FI was adament about having a fall wedding, so I gave in!

  • October because I love the fall and the weather is great during that time in NC! Not too hot and not too cold.
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  • December- because I am a cold weather girl, and getting married in summer in Georgia would be way hot! With the big dress and all the underpinnings, I need the outside temp to stay below 70.
  • We're getting married in May because I've always like the month of May.  And May seems hopeful, like Spring itself. 
  • We are getting married on 12/31/13 because there's no better way to celebrate than to bring in the new year! ...and because we both work at colleges, as do a good number of our friends, and it worked for all schedules involved! 

    These shoes will be awesome for our blue/silver/black themed wedding :-) 
  • We are getting married in November on our 6th dating anniversary.


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  • October because the weather is typically perfect in Wisconsin, and it's close to our dating anniversary, and my parent's wedding anniversary!
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  • We're getting married in March in Florida. We are having an outdoor ceremony at a lighthouse on the water, and didn't want our guests to be burning up while wearing their Sunday best. Plus, we're both graduate students who have limited time off for vacations (AKA honeymoon!). So, we settled on the weekend in March 2014 before our Spring Break, so we could honeymoon during the break. It just happens to be a bonus that Florida is absolutely beautiful in the Spring!
  • May! I love the Spring and the flowers that are in season.
  • arrippaarrippa Sam Adams Craft Commonwealth member
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    October because of the fall foliage in New England. It will be neither hot nor cold, nice crisp weather.

  • I'm getting married in July in Newport, RI because Newport is so pretty in the summer and I wanted to make sure the weather was warm!
  • We're getting married in May because it's all outside and we are having a county fair theme including booths, ribbons, a caricature artist and lots of fun fair food!
  • May b/c it's our dating anniversary and love spring!!
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  • June wedding! Perfect weather in Michigan!
  • We are getting married in September. I wanted a wedding in the fall because of the weather and mother nature's blessings! The weather isn't to hot or to cold and the leaves/trees/scenery in Indiana are beautiful!

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    [QUOTE]Answer the question below by 11:59 EST tonight for a chance to win! />What month are you getting married (bonus if it's a spring month!) and why? “Milla”  (Retail Value $449) Stylish wedge covered in sparkling Austrian crystals!   Click here   for official sweeps rules.
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  • I plan to have my wedding in August. It's beautiful during this time of year in Monterey. It's also perfect because that's the only month my fiance and me have time off work. I've always always always wanted a fall wedding.. and I can't believe it's becoming a reality!

  • We're getting married in July!  Basically because of my work/school/volunteer schedule!
  • End of August! We got engaged Jan 1st and didn't want to wait until next summer. Plus it's at an orchard and with Fall just around the corner it will be beautiful!
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  • Pammie1983Pammie1983 member
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    December of this year.  We absolutely LOVE Christmastime, plus the place will be beautifully deccorated at no additional cost for us ;-)
  • We are getting married in November.  It's the month we met, 3 years ago.
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