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September 2010 Weddings

Wedding Programs?

Don't remember if this question was asked here before, but who here is doing them and who isn't?  If you're doing them, are you DIYing or purchasing them from somewhere?

Don't have the programs squared away yet but I think that could be a nice little project for myself to get started with at work tomorrow (the wording at least) since the boss will be out hehe ;).
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Re: Wedding Programs?

  • we are doing them, i was origanally DIY but we have graphic designer that does are brochures,business cards and flyers for are business. i was talking with him and he said he would do them for us. im hoping to have the designs layout next week.

  • Ours are concert posters!!! The back with have order of ceremony and bp :-) I DIY the design and will have catprint print them
  • I'm doing them completely DIY. Will post pics when they're done! Basically 2 pieces of paper folded in half and bound together with ribbon.
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  • I am going to attempt to DIY them, but if I don't have very good luck at it then I will be giving up. haha
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  • This will be my one and only DIY project and if I don't like what I'm seeing I will be handing it over to someone else.  LOL
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  • We are DIYing them.  It's a Catholic ceremony so we want people to know what's happening since not everyone is Catholic.  I'm hoping to start designing them today and will print thru vistaprint as a brochure if we can get a deal or else i'll bring em to a printer here in town.  I don't trust my home printer.
  • I'm DIYing them. I almost have all the pieces readt to assemble. Its a 7 paged layered program. I just need to finish figuring out the ceremony then I can start assembling. I'm really excited for them i think they are going to come out nice. And we gave FI's cousin the job of handing them out...he's 7 and we asked his two brothers to be a part of the wedding, one is a GM and one is doing a reading so we wanted to make sure to include him as well. He's super excited to have a role.
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  • I'm DIYing them. However, mine are two pieces of ivory cardstock folded in half, hole punched near the fold and tied with a ribbon. REALLY simple. The cover just has our names, the location, date and time. The inside portion has a list of the wedding party, the outline of the ceremony and then a thank you note.
  • I love those Jessie!

    I am writing them up and one of my BMs is doing them. Very simple.
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  • Jess I love those too—so  cool!

    We are having them, I just think it's a nice gesture since we have a big bridal party and big families. My mom is making them for us!
  • I am in the middle of DIYing mine, and it sucks!  I decided to do the fan ones with all the individual petals.  They're coming out awesome, but cutting each individual petal makes me want to stab myself...

  • Sunshine... those are amazing!!!!
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  • In Response to Re: Wedding Programs?:
    [QUOTE]Sunshine... those are amazing!!!!
    Posted by BrideofShaffer[/QUOTE]

    Thank you!  That isn't actually a picture of mine, but mine are very similar - the font and design are a bit different.  It is a TOTAL pain in the azz getting them to look like that, though!

  • we aren't doing them.  needless waist of paper in my opinion.  i understand why people like them, but we are trying to be as environmentally conscience as possible.
  • we're DIYing them.  we're doing a layered program, super cheap!  its like less than 50 cents each cause we have most of the materials left over from other projects.  I want people to be able to read something while they wait, and its a jewish wedding so I want them to understand some stuff they might not be used to.
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  • Jessie, those are awesome.

    We're DIY ours. It's important to me that we have the ceremony lined out so our guests can follow easily, especially since it's a full nuptial mass. Creating them has been one of my favorite DIY projects so far.

    We're printing (well, Catprint.com is) on 8.5 x 11 double sided in b&w, folding vertically and then dressing it up with teal ribbon on the spine.
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  • I'm DIY'ing mine I got the outter cover from Joanne's with a 50% off coupon then I'm adding a velum layer with the BP info, songs and the pieces of the ceremony which we haven't even decided on yet!  I wanted to explain things to people since we are doing a few elements of a traditional Jewish ceremony and some not so traditional pieces!  Then I'm attaching a bubble wand inside for the recessional.
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    We are doing fan programs as well, but not with the word search on one side.  I had originally wanted to do without programs, but we're hoping to have our ceremony outdoors, so I thought fans would serve a dual purpose!

    I'm starting them this weekend...we DIY'd our STDs and invitations and LOVED how they turned out, so I'm feeling pretty confident about the programs!
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  • We weren't going to have them, but I've decided to DIY. Found a Word template, tweaked the flow, filled in some blanks, played with font, etc etc (ok I probably could have just started from scratch lol). I'm just using some off-white bond paper (I think it's 24lb stock?) that my office was going to throw away after we switched up our letterhead last year. It's a double-sided tri-fold - nothing fancy, but most of them will be thrown in the trash anyway.  Will probably print on Mom's computer if I can't manage to sneak them through the company copier. ;)
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  • We are DIY for programs. We are using 5x7 cardstock from Hobby Lobby. Front page is name & date. When you open the card, our ceremony info is on left & Wedding Party on Right. The back page is a poem in memory of Stephanie, my niece who passed away. We tied a ribbon to the top to make it a little prettier. Printed them at the office.
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  • Arizona = Outside Ceremony = Hot

    So I am making wedding fan programs.  Bought white handles off of Ebay for a song.  Helps to be a graphic designer so I am designing the layout, having them printed and then attaching to handle which has a satin ribbon tied around it. :)
  • DIY! One of my 2 DIY projects but to be honest one of my girls is a graphic designer, I am just telling her what I want, she will design then I will print them. I am thinking of doing a crossword on the back that ties in with the quiz on our website. It will keep people occupied and be something fun
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