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DJ vs. Playlist

I am having some budget issues right now and we are toying with the idea of setting up playlists instead of having a DJ. I have some friends who are really good at putting party music togehter, but my concern is we won't have anyone to Emcee the event (announce us at our entrance, cake cutting, dances, etc.)

Is anyone else going this route? If so, what are you doing about announcing these parts of the event? I have never known anyone to go this route, so I am at a loss for where to go with this.

Thanks, Ladies!
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Re: DJ vs. Playlist

  • We're going to have a DJ but I've read other people just have a pretty outgoing friend do the announcements.
  • We're doing playlist and just going to find a friend to announce the stuff
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  • Wwe hired a DJ just because we wanted someone who is interactive with the guests and that way he knows what to play that won't offend people.  If you like the DJ route-I would maybe just cut your time down or look around for someone who isn't in a offical business.  Maybe craigslist?  Or if you like the playlist route, maybe have one of your friends MC everything and play music?

    Just thoughts.
  • Belive me, I want a DJ, but the planner didn't add the "odds & ends" in and we ended up 4K over budget...so we have to start cutting and unfortunately, that's where we had to start...oh, and the liquor. I am pretty irked about that...but must move on.

    SO, yeah, i guess i had better start thinking of some really outgoing friends...unfortunately, all of mine are outgoing, but not really in front of large groups. :)
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  • Even though your friends are not outgoing in front of a group maybe they know someone who is. What about your FIs friends?

    If I think of any other suggestions I'll let you know.

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  • or maybe if any of your friend are married or have bf/gfs that are willing to do it.  :) Maybe a good friends older sibling?

    Good luck with the cutting.  I know how that goes.  We too had to cut alcohol. :(
  • It sucks! I really wanted to have a real party atmosphere...and to me, that means getting a bit tipsy! :) haha...but to FI, it's not a big deal b/c he's not a drinker.

    I am really struggling with the emcee thing...my sister did something similar at her wedding years ago and it was tragic. I don't want a repeat of her issues. :)
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  • jl46jl46 member
    We went to two weddings that did this over the past summer - both we're totally successful.

    I think using a playlist requires two things:
    1. Out going friends that love to dance and make other people dance with them
    2. Someone in your bridal party that is outgoing enough to move the night along by announcing. They can even read off of a paper, but they have to be convincing and excited
  • jl46, i think you are right...and we are dancing fools in my group...and if you get my FI's group going, it can be pretty fun, too... :) So i think i will go the playlist route....and save a few buck to make sure we can drink! haha.
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