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Need to hire security

since we added a full bar instead of just beer and wine we need to hire security for our venue. Does anyone have any recommendations please?!?!

Re: Need to hire security

  • Does the venue have 1) someone they normally use; 2) requirements such as certified peace officer? Lots of police officers moonlight as security. Do you live in an apartment complex? They usually give a law enforcement discount and might be willing to pass along a message to an officer or two living on property. Is there a college campus nearby? There should be licensed officers on their staff and the departments are usually pretty small so it's not hard to pass the word around.

    Good luck!
  • I think you can contact local PDs and ask if any officers work security.



  • You can also contact your local sheriff's department. We used off-duty wardens.
  • I contacted the Frisco PD (where the venue is) and they charge $280 for 2 off suty officers for 4 hours. Does that sound about right?
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