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AW: So the Mayans were wrong, but my Friday still had quite the big bang:) (Long)

Hope your weekend's are treating you all well!  I've wanted to check in since Friday night, but the last two days have been a little bit cray cray.

So the world didn't end Friday, but I no longer have a boyfriend.  He's now officially my FISmile

We've been trying to take it all in and enjoy the moment, but I wanted to stop in and let all of you wonderful women know.  You were amazing at helping me keep the BSC away the last few months.

Here's for the how and ring p0rn:

Friday afternoon I came home from seeing customers and was super sick to my stomach.  So much so, that to save time coming in the door I didn't park in our garage and parked in front.  Its actually faster to get inside this way.  I passed out on the couch for a couple hours and woke up to FI calling around the time he usually comes home from work.  I was half asleep, and he sounded really worried about where I was because my car wasn't in the garage.  I told him I was safely on the couch, hung up, and laid back down.

A few min later the front doorbell rings, which is not unusual.  I get FedEx packages all the time for work, many times unexpected, and just thought it was probably the FedEx guy.  The porch light was off, but as soon as I opened the door FI was standing there.  In my sick/sleepiness I was so confused.  I kept asking him what he was doing on the front steps.  He starts this whole speech, and I remember looking out the door thinking I was getting pranked or something.  It finally sunk in when he pulled out the ring and got down on his knee.

He apparently had planned to propose that night for weeks. When my car wasn't in the garage he panicked.  And then when I told him I was sick, he thought maybe he should wait, but he decided to go for it anyway.  I was actually not expecting it until February because other things he's said lately.   It turns out everyone from both sides of our family knew, too.  They were all in on the secret.  I'm shocked they all kept it so well.

Because of my dad's cognitive issues from his stroke, he asked both of my parents permission while I was in Vegas. I didn't ask him to, but my parents were thrilled.  He even called my sister to make sure I wasn't suspicious of his plans.  I was so clueless. 

And the ring...  Please ignore the unmanicured nails!

Happy Holidays ladies!
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Re: AW: So the Mayans were wrong, but my Friday still had quite the big bang:) (Long)

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