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DJ Thoughts...

Ive heard good things about this DJ but I have also been to a wedding where Jimmy Dee was the DJ and it was aweful...played all one type of music and the older people really hated it.  Also was very loud.  Anyone use them for their wedding or have an opinion on them>?

Re: DJ Thoughts...

  • kristinanddankristinanddan member
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    Well there are at least 10 djs who work for Jimmy Dee so it's possible that the wedding you were at didn't pick a good one.

    We used Alex from Jimmy Dee and loved him, and our guests raved about him. I've only heard good reviews of him.

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  • bridgetnfrankbridgetnfrank member
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    We had Tom Destry Entertainment at our wedding. Tom Destry himself was our DJ.
    He was an unbelievable hit with our guests. I don't know his DJ's so I can't comment on them. The dance floor was non stop with music for everyone.
    He does the Gala Valentines day dance at Anthony's Pier 9 every year. There were 800 people there along with us this past year. When we saw his performance that night, that's when we made our decision to have him at our wedding. Good Luck and happy planning. . 
  • carolsdaycarolsday member
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    I've been to partys where Alex was the DJ from Jimmy Dee and they were great , could be  they were having an "off night" or maybe the people that hired them requested the type of music they were playing .
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    We used DJ Bri Swatek/ Spinning with Style for our wedding and he did an excellent job!

    When we were looking though, we talked to the Jimmy Dee people at bridal shows and like pp said it's a big company so there are a lot of DJ's that work for them. The wedding that you went too may not have had one oif their best (who get reserved months in advance). Alex and someone else get reviewed often on these boards.

    Also, the people who were having the wedding might have requested the type of music that was played.

    We absolutely LOVED DJ Bri - he was great throughout the entire planning process and really listened to us.

    You NEED to have a great relationship with your DJ - As quoted by my sister "You need good food and god music to make a great wedding. If the food sucks, but the music is good people will still have a good time. If the music is horrible, people will complain about your wedding"

    Find  a DJ that you love and can get along with and understands you. And your crowd.

    Good luck!

  • Janice12543Janice12543 member
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    When I got married in October of 07, we used Tom Destry.  He was great, and his rate was very reasonable.    NIce man and his wife is also a travel agent.  
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    I agree with the PP, I stalk these boards and in the past, every other post was "Jimmy Dee this ... Jimmy Dee that," the are a larger company, so you do have the choices. Alex and Richie were mentioned alot.  And the PP is right, it could have been an "off night" ... We used The DJ Company.  I don't think they're as big as Jimmy Dee, but we had a choice of a couple of DJs and found one that was perfect for us.  DJ Bri gets fab reviews on here, too. Which is obvious from the PP.
  • janet57janet57 member
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    we had a wedding on friday august 13 2010 and we had vinny from jimmy dee and people can't stop talking about him. people danced that never really dance and people were dancing from the beginning to the end. he did an awesome job. we didn't want  the wedding to stop. sorry you didn't have vinny.
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