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Dyeing shoes

I need to have my wedding shoes dyed ivory. I know Shoes to Dye For gets talked about a lot on here, does anyone have experience using them to dye their shoes? Or have any other (more local) recommendations? Also, do you know if shoes can be dyed more than once?
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Re: Dyeing shoes

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    I just got my shoes from shoes to dye for and they came out amazing.   I dyed them Fuschia and they told me I could dye them again a darker color.  I don't know of any local places but Shoes to Dye for does have an online store with all their shoes.
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  • njlfrednjlfred member
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    Where are you located?  Shoes to Dye for is very local to me, but I live in Natick.  :)

  • noodle_oonoodle_oo member
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    I used Shoes to Dye for and also dyed my shoes Fuschia.  They came out okay.  They looked fine from far away but up close they were a little splotchy.  Honestly, not as good as I was expecting.  They did say that I could dye them darker after the wedding, but the caveat to that is that the dye is water soluble, which means NOT WATERPROOF.  You can buy a spray to make them waterproof to protect them if it rains, but then you can't redye them aftewards.

    So, i watned to redye mine so I didn't seal them.  It didn't rain, but we took pics in grass that ended up being damp.  I didn't even notice it, but it totally ruined my shoes!  The dye transferred to my feet!  I was worried, but luckily it did not stain my dress.  But I had pink feet for several days after the wedding.  it was kind of funny.

    anyway, if you do dye them, I recommend sealing them.
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    I used Dye My Shoes (who are suprisingly out of Somersworth, NH) to get my shoes dyed.  They had a 2 day turn around and match my color perfectly.  You only need to pay $15 and the cost of shipping the shoes to them.  I am very pleased with the dye job they did!
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  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    yes!  i had blue ones to do.
    tehy came out great!!!  and fast - did them same day, tehy were done within an hour (and that was for dry time). 

    HIGHLY recommend!
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    I used Shoes to Dye For in Natick too. I brought in a color swatch from DB that matched my bridesmaids dress color and they match it perfectly! It was a bit of a hike for me to get there but it was worth it.

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    In Response to Re: Dyeing shoes:
    [QUOTE]Where are you located?  Shoes to Dye for is very local to me, but I live in Natick.  :)
    Posted by njlfred[/QUOTE]

    I live in Somerville.
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    I couldn't find anyplace downtown to do it, after walking in to a couple of shoe stores and bridal shops and asking if they knew anyone. I ended up shipping mine back to the online store I bought them from (myglassslipper.com) because I figured if they had any problem or messed it up, they could replace it for me, where if I brought them to Shoes to Dye For, if anything happened I'd be screwed. As it turns out, they DID have a problem so ended up giving me half off the price of the shoes! Just something to keep in mind.

    Don't know about redying or sealing. I walked it slightly damp grass for an hour or so and had no problem.
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