House of Brides in Schaumburg

For all you Brides looking for bridesmaid dresses I suggest you stay away from House of Brides in Schaumburg. 
When I had first gone in there they were nothing but nice to me so I decided to go with them... Im the type of person who would rather give business to people who appreciate it rather than they're doing me a favor (there are so many wedding places out there that I could find what I'm looking for elsewhere).
As soon as I committed to them I've had NOTHING but problems.
First, I had specifically asked them if my girls could put down payments and then pay in full a few weeks before the dress came in they said that was completely fine.. when my girls came in to pay they said that they had never told me that.
Then my sister went in to try on her dress and the dress that they had there fit her perfectly so she said she wanted to order that size... The girl told her "No, because that dress is stretched out from other girls wearing it" and the only way they would order her that size was "if she planned on losing her winter weight." So appalling. 
I had ordered 11 dresses from them (9 bridesmaid and 2 jr bridesmaids) when my mother in law went in there with my sister in law she asked how much fittings were there because she wanted to get her dress hemmed, they wouldn't even give her a price because they said "that they were way to busy to even consider hemming it for her." I'm sorry but if I'm buying 11 dresses from them the LEAST they could respect my mother in law enough to give her the price and if they didn't have time to hem it they could have said it without being completely ignorant.
After calling them repeatedly to find out when my dresses would be in and only getting a run-around i went in there to check on them... they left me sitting there for 30 min before asking me again for the 3rd time i was waiting for when i had told them AGAIN that i wanted to know when my dresses would be in.... they said "I don't know they should be shipped in the beginning  of august and be in around the 7th" two days later they called and said they were in (obviously when they typed my name in they could see they had already been shipped but purposely wanted me to worry) 
When my sister when to pick up hers and my nieces they had told her my nieces was the only one that wasn't in yet (dont you think it would have been helpful for them to of told me that when they called me to let me know my dresses were in.... no, they waited until my sister got there and no she has to make two unnecessary  trips) I called to see when it was planning on arriving and they couldn't give me an answer.
I was so frustrated that i had my fiance call over there, they sent him to a managers voicemail, we waited a week and still NO response back.. totally unprofessional. So he called back again and they connected us to their ordering manager who was the ONLY helpful person they we came in contact with while working with them. She had told us our exact date the dress would arrive (which made me think that every single time i had called previously they knew our exact arrival dates but decided to try and make me sweat... they had their money already why do they care if im stresses or not.)
When its come to this wedding I've been the go with the flow person... I am not bridezilla. 
But I have MANY friends getting married and a couple of them are in my bridal party they REFUSE to even consider this place.  I told every single one of my girls to get their alterations anywhere but here... I refuse to give them anymore business.
Hope somebody finds this helpful.

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    I had HORRIBLE service when I would call there and ask if a specific dress was in stock so I could see it in person and try it on and had to wait several times longer then 30 mins on the phone to get an answer and it was usually um. we cant locate it so it must have sold. When I went in person to try on a dress they were worse and ignored me. I came for a very specific dress (that was 700 bucks) and all they had to do was put me in it and I was ready to purchase... no they had to jerk me around and be too busy with another bride to even come unzip me. My mistake for saying I wanted to purchase today and didnt want to look at anything else. I eventually had a friend unzip me and we left the dress where it fell and walked out to the waiting area and announced VERY loudly I was going to a different store because they were so rude and it would have been an easy quick sale if they had just payed attention to me for five mins.

    Shockingly I left and decided not to buy a dress that day but instead called Davids Bridal (also bad service!) and asked to check on a dress I tried on a few months before that I loved (when I first started looking) it was 699 and they told me it was discontinued but they were great that day. They tracked down one in my size and checked it over (I said I would send it right back if there were rips, stains or problems with it) and it was at my house in 5 days... oh! and it was on the 99 dollar rack when I got it, so with shipping it was 125. Major Savings!!!!
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