Malamapono a hui hou wahines!

Well ladies it looks like my big huge family Molokai wedding will be postponed and become a vow renewal. Due to some life changing events these past few months with my fiances job, he has decided to join the Navy. Since we have 2 children they would like a marriage certificate or have my fiancé sign his custody rights over to me. So, we have decided to get married now. Well we are going to get married either on our anniversary September 7 or some time in the next 2 months at city hall, with our parents and siblings and of course our 2 little ones present. This way my fiancé can begin his new future and career in the Navy asap. Since he is going to be in the Navy we aren't sure where he will have to be in a year, when we were planning the wedding to be. So we will figure out another year to go to Molokai and have a vow renewal for all of my family in Hawaii to see.

Good luck with all of your wedding planning and if any of you ladies ever need info about Molokai pm me anytime! Malamapono a hui hou which means take care, until we meet again, aloha.
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Re: Malamapono a hui hou wahines!

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