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Fall Wedding- Any venue suggestions?

My fiance and I are looking to have an outdoor fall wedding- November 2011. 

We are outdoorsy/athletic people, but while we love the beaches of San Diego, our personalities are much more mountain-ish. We want a very cozy ceremony/reception (ideally at the same location) and really want to work traditional fall colors into the wedding (think orange, deep red, and yellow). 

It will be a large wedding: we are inviting around 250 people, however only expect about 150 will actually attend. We have a tight budget, and obviously a lot to take into consideration with so many guests!!!

Any ideas/suggestions for an outdoor venue that would fit our personalities but won't break the bank? We would like to stay within reasonable distance of the airport and central San Diego. Most of our guests will be from out of town and will want to enjoy the touristy part of San Diego. Ideally, we do not want them traveling more than 45 minutes.

Thanks for the help!

Re: Fall Wedding- Any venue suggestions?

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      This place is in Temecula. It's a little more thatn 45 minutes, but there are a lot of hotels around that they can stay in.
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  • MonciaanneMonciaanne member
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    You could check out the Rancho Bernardo Courtyard.  It is a beautiful spanish style business complex during the week and on the weekends they hold events in the center courtyard.  The courtyard is filled with trees, lots of lighting, and a fountain in the middle.

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    Marina Village has facilities for an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception at the same location. Sea World actually has numerous banquet facilities, though I'm not sure the pricing on that. I think the parks and rec site has information for getting a permit for use of beaches for wedding ceremonies and receptions. You might also try the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park or the various NTC Promenade venues. (NTC Promenade is really pretty and has multiple outdoor spaces for larger events.)
  • ekilzer1ekilzer1 member
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    Thanks for the tips everyone!

    We definitely do no want a beach wedding... not the style we are going for at all.... We want something casual and autumn-ish. Lots of trees/ gardens, preferably some that change color like they are supposed to in the fall. We are thinking about using pumpkins as vases for the centerpieces, etc. 

    The Japanese Gardens are great, just not the style we want.... 

    I love the wineries up in Temecula (my fiance could careless about wine.... he is a beer drinker, go figure). It is the exact feel we are going for, but I was hoping maybe someone knew of something reasonably priced closer to central San Diego. I know there are some in RB, but they aren't any cheaper than going all the way to Temecula.
  • ekilzer1ekilzer1 member
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    I will definitely look into the NTC promenade... not sure if it's exactly what we are looking for, but we may be able to work with it. I was blessed with some very creative friends, one who is going to be our wedding coordinator, I am sure they can come up with something!

    Plus my fiance is a former Marine, which equals a discount! (we need to save money where ever we can!)
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    As far as wineries, there is the Rancho Bernardo Winery. I haven't actually been to that one, but it's supposed to be beautiful and the wedding pictures I've seen there are lovely. You might also check out the Naval offerings, they have some really nice facilities in various locations.

    Depending on the size of your wedding, you might try Schwaesdall Winery or La Finquita Winery. They're both local wineries in Ramona, absolutely lovely. My fiance and I actually have connections at these two, feel free to PM me for more information on those.

    There are a number of golf courses around. I'm trying to think of other winery type places. You mentioned your fiance likes beer, Stone Brewery actually has really pretty grounds, I think they may do weddings there, but I'm not completely sure. I didn't look at them personally, but I've also heard pretty good reviews about the Pala and Barona casinos. I think you can also have weddings at the Mission and at the Presidio, and there are lots of other options available at Balboa Park besides just the Japanese Friendship Garden.
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    Twin Oaks House and Gardens, San Marcos, CA (just North of San Diego).  We are getting married there this year in November and we think it is going to be beautiful for that time of year.
  • ekilzer1ekilzer1 member
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    Thanks Turtle!!!

    Twin Oaks is at the top of my list to look at. It looks GORGEOUS from the photos, and I was thinking that it would look wonderful during the fall as well... I am just worried about the price since we are expecting so many guests.
  • Tmac0910Tmac0910 member
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    Rancho Bernardo Winery is worth looking at. It can accomadate a large group and it is quaint! I would also recommend Pine Hills Lodge in Julian. It is a solid 45 minutes from San Diego maybe a bit longer but probably in your price range and very beautiful mountain scenery. Good Luck!
  • csudiacacsudiaca member
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    Hi,  Just checking to see if you already have a vendor for your invitations. We specialize in custom letterpress invitations and can print on wood paper for a really nice outdoorsy look.  We have a sample of our wood invitations on www.lolletterpress.com (Woodland Simplicity).  Thanks... LOL

    LOL Letterpress
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