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Best Western on Western Ave

Has anyone had guests stay here for a wedding? Not sure about its cleanliness etc. Not exactly the kind of hotel I had in mind but I am open to hearing about others experiences.

I also heard they have free shuttle buses? Has anyone used them?

Re: Best Western on Western Ave

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    I've gone to a few functions over the years there and it's pretty nice. The center for disablility services throws an annual dance which my brother is a part of and I have gone every year for the past 6 years. Normally it's held upstairs and it's one giant room. Dance floor is right in the center with the DJ booth set up. Normally they have had the cocktail tables set up on the dance floor then removed after dinner is served (seated dinners).

    IF it's set up as one room, it's pretty huge and can easily accommodate large parties of 500.

    As for shuttle buses, never used them so I have no idea.

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