Does anybody know of/have used a good make-up artist? I need one that will be able to come to us on the day (getting ready in Brookline). I'm pretty open on price I just know I'm incredibly late and need to get one booked! Thanks.

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    check out tara at I love what she did with my makeup
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    I worked with Special Event Beauty. They are pretty popular, but it's worth checking their availability.
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    I'm getting my makeup done at Sephora in the Prudential Mall. I went for my trial and it looked great, and it was WATERPROOF!
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    [QUOTE]I'm getting my makeup done at Sephora in the Prudential Mall. I went for my trial and it looked great, and it was WATERPROOF!
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    Are you going there on your wedding day? Or do they have someone come to you. I will definitely check out these other suggestions thank you ladies :)
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    I second Special Event Beauty, I used MaryAnne and she was amazing.
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    We used Sam & Robin from Girly Junk...they were so much fun to have around while we got ready, it felt like family! There is actually a picture on their website with me and my sisters...check them out at:

    Pricing is very reasonable and didn't include an extra travel fee. They traveled to me at the hotel where I got ready and also did my BMs as well...GL!
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    Lynne Avallone and Kristine Collins are amazing to work with!  I just used them for my 6/25/11 wedding.  My bridal party also loved them.  I found them through Style Me Pretty.  They actually both did Abby of Style Me Pretty's Hair & Makeup for her wedding. Kristine is Abby's cousin.

    They are reasonable priced for the area and have the best personalities. They were just the type of people that you met once but felt like you've been friends for years with them. 

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