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Dilemma with photographer choice....please help

Hi, my name is Katie. I am getting married next June, but Im at the quandry of should I let my brother who has an amazingly awesome camera and have taken some photog classes take our photos, or hire a professional and use the money for something else? It seems like more and more I'm going to have my friends and family work my wedding and not just be guests and enjoy themselves which is kinda buggin me a little bit. Please give me some input, thanks.

Re: Dilemma with photographer choice....please help

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    Use a professional.  You get one shot at this day and the pictures are the only things that last forever!
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  • ceeceed80ceeceed80 member
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    Great camera doesn't mean great photos. Stick with a pro... Let your brother take some portraits of you too, but let a pro handle everything else. 
  • Belle2BeBelle2Be member
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    Professional + Brother. Have your brother take the shots with the photographer, and also the detail shots.
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    let your brother have fun at the wedding.  leave the photos to the pros.
  • hopstetter1hopstetter1 member
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    From my experience, I have had way too many brides go with the family member with a great camera and then get dissapointed.

    There are SO much to factor in. Professional photographers not only know how to work a camera, they know how to do it in a drop of a dime (wedding days can be very hectic at times), They are experienced with low lighting (candlelit receptions), they know how to run the day to make sure there are no hiccups in your big day. When you hire a professional, you can rely on the fact that they know how to get everyone together for photos, where to take the photos, etc,etc,etc,.

    I have had many brides who had mother n laws, brothers, sisters, etc that had family that were photographers (in some cases the entire family were pro photographers) and what they did was hire a professional (me) and then had their family have the opportunity to take pictures as well. This way everyone is happy and will have the opportunity to enjoy themselves because the responsibility of getting great wedding photos is not solely on them. ;)

    Hope this helps!!
    -Maria Angela
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    Definitely use a pro. You want your brother to enjoy your wedding and you really want to get the best photos possible. Imagine if you didn't like the way your brother's photos turned out, then you'd probably be a little upset with him.
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    agree with PPs...if your bro wants to take his photos, let him, but definitely hire a pro for the all the formals and the official shots. have him him enjoy himself - his sister is getting married! :)
  • myremedy1976myremedy1976 member
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    I agree I would hire a pro. However please let your pro photographer know that your brother may want to do some shots as well so the pro is aware. My FI dad is a photo journalist and he likes knowing if there will be other people doing photos at the same time so that he can coordinate with them for things such as the flash on a camera. Apparently a flash from a camera can cause major problems when having multiple people taking photos at the same time ie. white spots on your photos
  • 13b13b member
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    If photography is near the top of your priorities, definitely hire the services of someone that knows what they're doing. Shooting a wedding is much harder than it looks. The pressure of having one shot at getting "The Shot" is not for the advanced amateur.

    If photography is low on your priority list, and you're willing to take a risk with someone who doesnt shoot wedding regularly, then by all means, go with that person.

    If "that person" is your brother, wouldnt you rather have him particpate in the celebration of your special day than be stressed out with taking photos?
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/special-topic-wedding-boards_photos-video_dilemma-photographer-choiceplease?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Special%20Topic%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:30Discussion:301be5e2-87b0-4176-85d0-88d5515cd7c1Post:4ca63ff8-4286-4bc1-a30b-809919c9c70f">Re: Dilemma with photographer choice....please help</a>:
    [QUOTE]<strong>Great camera doesn't mean great photos. Stick with a pro</strong>... Let your brother take some portraits of you too, but let a pro handle everything else. 
    Posted by ceeceed80[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>best advice I have seen on this board...</div>
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    I would say pro as well. There is a lot more to photographing a wedding than just taking pictures. Other services pros provide are: file storage (cds, dvds, or on harddrive), the manipulation and touch-ups (if needed), the file conversions (from huge RAW file size to usable and printable files), proofs, and lastly printing and ordering. Professional prints are important, you do not want to have your wedding photos printed at Walmart or CVS. Pros will have them done at a proper photo lab so that these images will last YEARS, not just until the ink fades or paper yellows. It is a lot of responsbility and these pros have experience doing this. Having your brother photograph is do-able, but it is a huge undertaking for him.

    I was a photography major so I have experience in process of photography and I've shot a wedding as a favor, but it is a lot of work both before and after the wedding. Stick with the pros :-)
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