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June 2010 Weddings

Alright spill it

We all know we don't want to sound ungrateful for gifts, since, heck, they're freaking gifts!  How can you complain?  However, there must be some gift you're just left clueless on and I want to know what it is!  What was your "what were they thinking" gift? 

I'll start.....one of H's mom's friend gave us a rare print that her father made.  It actually is a very nice thought, however I HATE it.  It's a color block art thing that looks like I made it back in grade school.  They framed it in this beautiful frame and matching matting but I know that will not get hung in our house.....although now I feel guilty having a numbered print of her father's art that will never see the light of day.  Ok, now you go.

Re: Alright spill it

  • Mine was a very strange looking candle holder. It has 3 "legs" that hold little bowls to put tea candles in. It's very strange.
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  • H's grandmother gave us these really tacky candlesticks that at the bottom were carved into a bunch of heart shapes. She wanted us to use them at the wedding, but we opted just for the rehearsal dinner instead. Totally not our style! But it was kind of sweet.
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    We got a cross stitched picture?  I don't know what else you would call it.  It's framed.  It features the alphabet, a young Amish couple and says "The Ourlastnames" on the bottom (so now I'm really stuck with it).  We're 22 and 24.  What do I do with that?

    (Our name is hiding under that piece of paper at the bottom)

  • Ok I know this is going to sound beyond Bitchy, but here it goes......

    My husbands grandma told him at the beginning of our engagement that she would take care of us when it came to the wedding.  Well until I see cold hard cash, or checks in hand I NEVER count on money being there.  With that being said my DH did think she would give us somewhere between ($5,000-$10,000) as a gift this is what she hinted at to him.  Well we opened all of our gifts and cards between Saturday and Monday and she gave us..........

    a 2 piece London Fog (very nice) luggage set that I had registered for at Macy's

    I'm not trying to be or sound ungrateful, but my DH was pretty pissed I mean why express you're giving money and such a large amount and then give luggage???????

    I guess why bring it up at all if it's never your intention or something you possibly can't afford to do?????
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  • The only crappy gifts I've gotten were off-registry (that's a different rant tho)..

    I'm now the proud owner of an "Instant Scrapbook" - i.e. the tags and the picture mats are already in there - just add pictures. Um, I can't DIY myself out of a paper bag. There's no way I'm doing a frickin' scrapbook.

    And I now own a really cheap dollar store wedding photo album. Yeah, I don't think that thing is worth the 10c paper it's printed on.

  • we have 4, yes FOUR, of the same darn cutting board that we DIDN'T register for! wtf? im not sure if they were handing them out for free at the store, but we are so confused as to why we got so many. lol.
  • surprisingly we didn't get one really crappy gift- we got things we didn't need or want that we could easily return and get something that was needed. Our off-registry items were purchased by two of the most thoughtful people on the planet and they are actually my favorite gifts. 

    we DID get a lot of cheap gifters. and i'm definitely grateful that they gave anything at all, but a $17 kitchen doodad for two people is cheap. IMO.

    the worst gift of all: 
    when my MIL said to my DH on the phone the day after "P's grandfather looked creepy" (he has a large bandage on his face from a skin biopsy on account of how he's had cancer twice- and he's just not a smiley guy),  well FU, LADY! your family is cheap as hell! but no one is counting so why don't you keep your fvcking mouth shut next time! 

    MIL went from 'yea she's neat' to "go fvck yourself." they never even spoke, her "christian" ass just JUDGE THAT BOOK BY IT'S COVER.  that book that was a career airman, a civilian AF worker, a coast guard volunteer, a two-time cancer survivor, a Hurricane Katrina survivor, and an all around great human being. I'M SORRY HE DOESNT LOOK "NICE" ENOUGH FOR YOU!!! 

    interestingly enough, he was one of the nicest dressed dudes there- in a sand colored summer suit. CLASSY! 

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  • all the princess house crap that EVERYONE in FI's family gave us! ugh!  and I can't take it back, so its going to sit in the closet.. here's a pic of some of it so you can get an idea...
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  • A crystal Wedding Coach (a la Cinderella) from good friends of my parents:

    Nice thought, but...

    Everyone else that brought a gift bought off the registry (yay)  or knew us well enough to buy us something better than what we registered for (as we were trying to meet reasonable price points).

    I am surprised, however, at the people that brought nothing.  Not a gift, not a card, nothing.  And I'm not talking about the people that gave at a shower and brought nothing...but the ones that  just showed up with a smile.  I know that seems ungrateful of me- I'm glad people took the time to come and share the day with us- but give a card.
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  • A f*cking buffet server! The last time I checked my whole "What Do I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Doing" list, a caterer was NOT on there. Had I gotten orthodontic tools, although it would have been random as hell, I probably would've pissed myself with joy.
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  • The best man's mother (H's aunt) gave us some of her "artwork"... aka the pictures she prints off the internet and then frames.  The frames are actually fairly nice looking, in a spray-paint gilded kind of way, but... yeah.  Oh well.  At least I can take the pictures out of the frames since the chances of her coming over are pretty much nil.
  • Abbeylynne I got that same thing but with our last name of course! I got some random gifts that we definitely didn't register for like expensive china that totally doesn't match anything we registered for. Fortunately we were able to return it for something different. I think the most off the wall gift we got was this down comforter from DH's friend that eliminates odor. It's kind of weird but I think he meant it as a joke (i hope)

    Here is the website for my awesome comforter!

  • haha these are funny!!

    mrs.riva, i love that you got those cutting boards and asked if they were giving them out free... you made me LOL! Which is cool considering i'm in a sour-asss mood!

    As for us, we got a used picture frame with pictures in it that my husband sent to the guy!! haha at first I was like, "Oh cute, he put together the pictures for the frame!" (a 3-pic frame), but a closer look and I saw scuffs on the corners/edges of the frame, and fading on the back. It's definitely used. And DH said, "oh look, those are the pictures I sent to him!" When I told him the frame looked used, he said, "Oh. Not surprised." Lovely!!
  • We received a towel and pot holder that says "If you want Breakfast in Bed, Eat in the Kitchen"

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  • I don't think we have all of the presents (my charming sister/ MOH wouldn't drop off the giant car load that she has yesterday, dammit) but we really didn't get many presents- a couple of registry items, and all checks/ cash. 

    We DID get 1 sympathy card. 

    And another from "Aunt Bee" who doesn't exist with $1.25 in it. Same handwriting as the sympathy card. 

    Someone's gonna get such a tp when I figure out who it was LOL
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  • In Response to Re: Alright spill it:
    [QUOTE]  We DID get 1 sympathy card.  And another from "Aunt Bee" who doesn't exist with $1.25 in it. Same handwriting as the sympathy card.  Someone's gonna get such a tp when I figure out who it was LOL
    Posted by hippie4yahweh[/QUOTE]
    i wish i could say that was me..... that is brilliant! 
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  • In Response to Re: Alright spill it:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Alright spill it : i wish i could say that was me..... that is brilliant! 
    Posted by ms nobody[/QUOTE]

    oh you b-word, was that you?! I'm gonna beat you... and then hug you and tell you how pretty you are and I'm so sorry and I'll never do it again, you're so pretty. 
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  • We only got 4 gifts - all from our registry.  We did get $, but I would say 30% of our guests did not give gifts...I know they are not required to give gifts but seriously who shows up to a wedding without gifts. 
  • ok, the absolute BEST gift we received....a book called "His needs, Her Needs: The Guide to an Affair-Proof Marriage" by a guy who has a talk show on a conservative Christian radio network. DH and i are the opposite of conservative, and we aren't Christian either. the book was written in 1986 but sounds like it's fom 1954. the points are basically that women shouldn't work outside of the home unless they really really really want to because it's the man's job to provide; women don't enjoy sex or have a sex drive so it's up to their husband to teach them that sex can be fun; the couple should not pursue any interests or activities that they can't do together because  that's what leads to affairs. YUP, it really says all this.

    The ultimate clincher is that the book was a gift from my father's friends, a couple who carried on an affair with each other for several years before divorcing their own spouses and marrying each other, and paying a truckload of money to have their first marriages annulled, despite the fact that they each had 3 adult children. uh,, howyagonnasay that those marriages never existed when there are adult children??!

    Even worse: they gave us their copy!!! yes, there are questionnaires in the back, and some of them were filled out!!!

    SUCH BAD TASTE. and these people have not a shred of self-awareness.
  • OMG. I have a cousin who is a Catholic priest (EXTREME, to the point where I didn't want to invite him). He gave us two books (can't remember their names) and a CD or DVD entitled "Contraception: Why NOT To Use It!"

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    Finally...we are Mr. & Mrs.!!! WooHoo!!!

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