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February 2011 Weddings

Where are you on your checklist? Chit Chat thread...lets come here to chat

Hello to all my fellow February 2011 brides.

 Where are you on your checklist?
What kind of wedding are you having?
What do you absolutly have to have in your wedding?
What can you do without on your wedding day?
What music are you playing during your ceremony?
What song are you playing when you come into the reception?

Feel free to post your questions here as well as your answers....BTW 8 months from right now I will be a married woman..2/19/2011 is coming up quickly...I am so EXCITED

I look forward to getting to know you all and your styles...


Re: Where are you on your checklist? Chit Chat thread...lets come here to chat

  • We haven't even started looking at venues yet! We haven't done anything so far. I've been researching but that's about it, and I am already stressed and overwhelmed!
  • We have our venue and this weekend I picked out my dress and my maid of honor ordered hers. Other than that we haven't done too much other than research online. We did talk to a travel agent and I hope to book our honeymoon to the Dominican Republic soon. :-)

    I too feel stressed and overwhelmed but I felt much better after I picked out my dress because I thought finding one would be a longer process then it was. I've been finding with a lot of things it seems like it's still too early to plan but I know the time will go by quickly.
  • We have our ceremony and reception site,  my dress and the bridesmaid dresses, videographer, photographer, DJ, Limo, hotel block, honeymoon booked- Im going to the DR as well!  I am currently on a flower kick so the past few weeks I have been researching and meeting with Florists.

    I am trying to get a lot done because I am in a wedding in September and then its Thanksgiving/Christmas and I dont want to be overwhelmed! 

    I still feel like there is so much to do!!

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  • We've booked the reception site, photographer, and dj.  I've also bought my dress and decided on the store for the BM dresses.  I'm taking the BMs to purchase and pick out dresses next month, and we're deciding between 2 photo booths.  I'm also finishing up addressing our save the dates - hoping to have them in the mail by the end of the week. 

    Our colors are black, white and red.  I would say our wedding style is a mixture of traditional with some modern.

    I absolutely need to have good pictures.  :)
    My fiance and I have been going back and forth with uplighting - I would love to have it, but I can do without.

    We haven't picked out music yet.  But we know our first dance will be to Always And Forever by Heatwave.

    I too am super excited that we have hit the 8 month mark!
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  • 1. Checklist - We have the venue for the ceremony and reception, I have my dress, I have told the bridesmaids which dresses they can pick from but a few of them are trying to lose weight so I know they won't purchase for some time, I meet with the pastry chef on Friday, the florist next Tuesday, we have the photographer, we have an officiant, and I am about halfway done with making the invitations. Since I am a teacher I want to get as much done this summer as humanly possible!
    2. Kind of wedding - I guess semi-formal would be a good catch-all term. We don't really have a theme, but it will be the first wedding of our generation on either side of our families. It is SEMIformal because there will be a good deal of children in attendance.

    3. I have to have a sand ceremony in my wedding in order to encorporate my 6 year-old son from a previous relationship into the day.
    4. I could do without drama on my wedding day! We are getting married on a Friday evening and I just don't want to deal with transportation drama.

    5. We haven't hashed our ceremony music too much, but I do know that I will be walking down the aisle to Canon in D minor.

    6. We will be entering the reception to "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. FI wanted to do a fun reception entrance and I couldn't agree more :-)

  • I feel so behind! I am having trouble finding an affordable venue for the ceremony and reception. I am hoping that once we find one, everything else will start getting done a little faster... has this been the case for any of you?
  • Hey everyone! It nice to hear where everyone else is in their planning.

    Im a planer, type A personality so I like to get things done as earl as possbile. So, so far I have the venue, the food, the dress, the makeup lady, the photographer, the officiant,  the save the dates, the bouquets and boutinnerres (with fake flowers), the favors, the wedding party gifts, and all the other big details i know what i want but i havent purchased them yet like the centerpieces, invites, etc. The two big things I dont have are the bridesmaids dresses and the DJ. Im going to visit some DJs this summer to choose one and I'm picking out the bridesmaids dresses in August.

    My wedding is a kind of natural theme, lots of branches and peacock feathers to go with our colors of green, brown and blue. I dont like a lot of flowers so we are just having sprinkles of calla lillies and white orchids and my dress as flower deatils on it. We are going for a modern, elegant feel. It will be an evening wedding so there will be lots of soft candle light too.

    The really important things to me are the food, the music and the fact that I want people to have FUN! I dont want to have a boring wedding where people want to leave right away. We are entertaining the idea of setting up a rock band area at our reception so that people can have something to do besides dancing. I just want everyone to enjoy themselves and eat lots of good food!

    Things I can do without are stuffy traditionas like the garter and bouquet toss and a big fancy wedding cake and a long drawn out ceremony. We are going to try and switch things up a bit and have a short ceremony, a wedding pie buffet and no tosses.

    I am going to walk down the aisle to that Hawaiian version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  I dont know about the reception song yet, something fun. We are having our first dance to I'm Yours by Jason Mraz.

    Happy Planning to everyone!

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  • Hey guys!!  Our wedding is 2/19 and I think we are doing pretty well with our planning!  We have our venue, DJ, Photographer, officiant, hotel room block, tuxes picked out, my wedding dress, we just picked the BM dresses, my FI has his ring, and we have our florist.  We are still looking for ceremony musicians and transportation for our guests to and from the hotel.  We are going to the DR too for our honeymoon!  We are staying at the Moon Palace Casino and Resort in P unta Cana, it's all inclusive, and my sister bought our flights for us, and my father gave us the trip for our gift! We're leaving the next day on the 20th!   Oh, and we sent out our save the dates this past Friday!  the next few months will be a lot of the smaller details.  IM GETTING SO EXCITED!! :)
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  • I'm getting married the day after a few of you--2/20/2011.  All I've confirmed is the ceremony/officiant time and place--and I'm deployed for three more months!  I'm definitely type-A, so this is seriously stressing me out.  And when the deployment came up I had to task my FH with a few checklist items that he just doesn't care about, so I feel terrible about that.
    I'm pretty sure we know what we're doing for the reception--good food & drink is the main thing I can't do without.

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    My date is February 12 and I have reserved my ceremony and reception site. I have also ordered my dress and picked out the bridesmaids dresses. I am still shopping around for invitations, caterers, photographers etc. I feel like I'm in a good place but looking at all y'alls posts makes me feel a little behind.
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