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Whats everyone up to these days?

Hello ladies! Hope you are all doing well, I'm super stressed about wedding planning. I only hope everything works out the way I want things to. I've been really pessimistic about things regarding planning and everything im just not sure I can do it all by myself and its unlikely im going to be able to afford a coordinator. I'm trying to relax cuz I know we have a ways to go until the wedding but I'm so excited and cannot wait to plan but still keep getting hung up on things. Any advice ladies?
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Re: Whats everyone up to these days?

  • I'm going to say this roughly 8 million more times over the next 18 months, so bear with me. Don't stress out. If at the end of your wedding day you're married to your best friend and happy about that fact, everything went perfectly. That's where the beauty of the day is. Don't tell any of my employees this, but event coordinators are becoming obsolete. You have so many books and the Internet at your disposal. Find a checklist you like, an organization binder you like, and a calendar with lots of space to make notes. Set loose deadlines, and give yourself a weekly project. Like, this week, google makeup artists and contact the ones you like.
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  • I totally agree! With 18 months to go we've all got plenty of time! The first thing I did was google free printable wedding planner. I found one I liked, printed it, then threw out the pages for the things I knew I wouldn't need (like "50 questions to ask your venue"... we're using my parent's ranch). Then I just started working through the planner a little at a time. At this point we've got a lot of the major decisions done with, it's just a matter of figuring out the smaller details. My FI is super involved with the planning, so it made it easy on me!
  • dont stress out already stress out the week before if you need to but not 18 months in advanced
    literally all ive done is pinned things me and the FI liked on pintrest, looked at a few dresses online, just going with the flow
  • focusing on venue and dress for now, and drafting guest list. We looked at several venues and found 'the one" but the deposit is 5k (!!!) so waiting for FI to save up enough so we can secure our date. I started dress shopping and put together my wedding binder. Looking up vendors and prices for things and nearly have a heart attack every time I see how much things cost.....!!!!
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