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The Love Dare

My fiance & I are not the very reglious type. We both grew up in church and I'm a preacher's daughter. After we got engaged we decided we needed to get back in church. Both sets of our parents are either preacher's,women directors or youth ministers.  They all told us to watch Fireproof and we did. After watching it I decided even though we weren't married I wanted to do the 40 day challenge. I got the book from my future mother in law & it has helped our relationship so much. We have grown closer & stronger. Now that we're in church & I've been doing the 40 day challenege the devil has been attacking us more but all in all we're stronger. I know the book/40 day challenge is for married couples but I would recommend anyone to read this because it truly does help *even if you're not having problems in your relationship*

Re: The Love Dare

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    That's great to hear! I want to encourage you to keep going to church too. I heard some crazy awesome statistic about people who go to church and how it significantly decreases the chances of extramarital affair. (Not saying this will happen to you, but I do agree the Evil one will do anything he can to undo what our heavenly Father has done). Bless you!  
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    Hey thanks for the recommendation!  I will def check it out!
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    Thanks :) Yes I've always heard that a marriage is healthier when God is put first & our relationship was great before but now that we're going to church & I'm doing the challenge its beyond what I would have ever expected. & Your right, The Devil tries anything he can to ruin a good thing & our relationship is proof of that :)

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    Wow this is great I am so happy to hear that God has entered into your relationship and soon to be marriage! God is soooo great and He will continue to do great things and bless you, as long as you continue to do His will. My fiance and I watched Fireproof too and it is a really good and eye opening movie, I would recommend it to anyone. I encourage you and your fiance to stay strong in Christ! Smile

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    check out the "LoveDare" iPhonee/iPod app. The first 30 days are free, but you can purchase the whole 365 day app seperately. I love it! One of the cool features is that when it references a bible verse, you can click on it and it pulls up the passage in a mini window.
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