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On a budget, need a good but affordable photographer.

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    I'm sorry, but I don't know that area. My advice though, is to remember that your photography is the biggest memento of your wedding and you will always have them. What's the point of those gorgeous centerpieces if they aren't documented for you to have forever? Photography is the best investment for your event and you might want to cut somewhere else so you can pick a quality photographer. Im not sure what your budget is, but the average one spends on one is around 2,500. It largely depends on how long they are with you and what package you buy. I have a great photographer in Eureka Springs who will be with us for 8 hours. She charges 150 an hour for her time and gives the option to have you purchase pics during the first year of your marriage so you aren't bombarded all at once. I bought her biggest package, which includes cds of all photos and the rights to them, a parent album, and a gorgeous wedding album for 2,400 before tax dont forget tax! Of course, you can find photographers for much more and much less, but I personally wouldn't consider a photographer that didn't own/work in an actual studio. Many under 1,000 aren't going to be very good quality. I realize that is a BIG generalization there, but people who do it on the side, don't have a professional website, only shows select pics and won't let you see an entire wedding not just the two or three images that turned out well from it are major red flags. Good luck and congrats!
  • SkyTouche Photography is the most inexpensive that will travel around the state and even out of state! This company did our engagement and wedding photos and I am still impressed with the quality of work and professional nature of the business.
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    Skytouchephots is really inexpensive too. Storybook photography is as well, but my photographer is Sara Black, she is in Conway, but will travel an hour without charging a travel fee. She has amazing rates. We are having two photographers, unlimited time, unlimited edited shots on a Cd (with copyright), and an online gallery. She threw in the engagement and bridal shoot, too. All for less than 800. I highly recommend you at least talk with her. She's so sweet and I can't wait to have her photograph our big day. I can't speak first hand as a reviewer, because our wedding isn't for another year. but you can see her work at her website.
    And her contact info is there if you're interested.
    I hope this helps and you find what you're looking for!
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  • Check Out The Pros; they are a national company, very inexpensive and reliable!
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