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Watch out if you register at Bed Bath and Beyond

My fiance and I went to register at Bed Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago.  We were going to register at Macy's for most of our gifts, and BB&B for random items.  The consultant pressured us into registering for our fine China and dinnerware but I told her I would have to think about what pattern I wanted as I hadn't really thought about it too much at that point. (I knew I would get those items from Macys).  We chose about 20 items that day at BB&B, and a few days later went to Macy's for everything else.  Yesterday I was looking online at our BB&B registry and to my suprise, I noticed that the consultant at BB&B took it upon herself to register us for 200 additional items!!! She registered us for  all of our fine china and casual dinnerware.  Not only were the patterns ugly, but very over-priced. I was irrate!! She never called, emailed or asked if she could do that.  Not only that, but I had already registered for that stuff at Macys. She did the works too.  In addition to an 8 piece place setting for both, she registered us for several serving platters, ramkins(wtf) butter dish, salt and pepper shakers...everything under the sun!  I called and spoke with a manager and had the whole registery removed.  Just a warning...check your registry's online to make sure no additional items were added with out your knowledge!

Re: Watch out if you register at Bed Bath and Beyond

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    I notice about once a week we have things added to our BBB registry that we did not register for... annoying and I have to check it often to make sure those items are deleted and not purchased.
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    YES! I also had a similar experience at BBB but not quite that extreme! I felt a TON of pressure to register for things I had no interest in registering for. (They definitely push the fine china and luggage to no end!) He would tell me that I HAD To have twelve linen napkins and 20 towels, etc. because it was on the MUST have list or whatever. And I told him about 100 times that I live in New York, I barely have room for a dresser let alone 20 towels and 12 linen napkins!! I just felt awkward and pressured and made registering very annoying. When I went back later to check my registry online I notice the consultant had added all these towels that I specifically said i DID NOT want!!! So annoying but luckily easy to take off online.
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    Holly cow...we were never pressured to register for stuff like that, but I will definately be checking my registries online in case there are any mistakes!  I set the registry up online and then went into the store to "add" to it though, so maybe that is the way to avoid being harassed.
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    We were never pressured about anythng with our BBB registry, but we did have one registry malfunction. I went to add some things one day last week, and got a scan gun that had a mind of its own. I got it to work, but a few hours after I left the store, they ended up calling me and telling me that the gun hadn't closed out on my registry, and to check it online. We had about 20 items we had to delete that really were from someone else's registry.
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    We were never pressured either.

    I'd call the store and ask to speak to management or even go up the food chain.  If you didn't authorize those items to be put on your registry, they should be notified that their sales associate went out of bounds.

    Our sales associate there was fabulous.
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    We were never pressured, and nothing has been added to our registry either. 
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    Our BB&B consultant added all of the pieces in our fine china and everyday china sets as well as common kitchen ware (stirring spoons, potato masher, etc).  I'm pretty sure she asked us if we wanted her to, and I said sure.  I think it was easier to go online and delete/change a few things we didn't want than to scan/find online all of that stuff.

    To OP, I'd be annoyed if they added a bunch of stuff that we weren't remotely interested in and didn't ask if we wanted them to do it.
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