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NWR: Ciruguia Med Spa?

Hey lovely ladies!

So I've been wanting to get laser hair removal but have been waiting for a really good deal to come along.  It looks like today's that day via Groupon, but I'm not sure of the med spa where it is being offered: Ciruguia.  Has anyone ever heard of them?  Also, have any of you ladies ever had laser?  I'd really like to get it done, but I've heard horror stories of patchy skin formations, burning, etc.  I would love to get your opinions!

Re: NWR: Ciruguia Med Spa?

  • dianaslikdianaslik member
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    I've never heard of them....

    I used to work at a laser clinic/med-spa (front desk/marketing help)...
    And, yes, I've had treatments done... and yes, I still have to shave.

    Here is the thing -
    Most laser clinics will recommend a package of 5 treatments for a given area.  For MOST people, that will only thin and lighten the hair, and you will need further treatments. 
    The laser actually seeks the contrast btwn the follicle and the skin - basically, it won't really do blonde.  The ideal "candidate" for laser is super pale skin with super dark hair.   The laser only "kills" the follicle that is a specific state of growth, too.
    Depending on the size of the area you are looking at getting done, you may want to look into electrolysis.  It is more time consuming (they only do a few inches at a time) and can be more pricey, but (from my understanding) it is more effective.  (literally kills one follicle at a time)
    If you go to a questionable clinic, there is a potential to get burned - literally (or figuratively, if they are too cautious and use too low of a setting). 
    Oh, and you can't laser over tattoos (if that matters)... well, you can, but it will F it up, thus most places won't do it due to liability. 

    I'm not saying "don't" do it - but go in with realistic expectations (and do your research).
  • ssarangissarangi member
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    Thanks dianaslik!  That's really helpful.  Yes, I've heard that it isn't permanent, but even if it reduces my growth, I'd be happy! How many treatments have you had?  Also, any recommendations for good med spas in Dallas?  Thanks again!!
  • dianaslikdianaslik member
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    I honestly don't remember my exact count - as when I got treatments it was on breaks, or during training (usually by the trainer).  My treatments were about 4 years ago.

    The place I used to work doesn't exist anymore - and I really don't follow the industry any more - so sorry, no recommendations from me....
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    I bought a Groupon for a spa I'd never heard of before. I read through the Groupon forum of other people wondering about it and someone had linked a good review of the place and it had a A rating from the BBB. That (and the cheap price) was enough to get me try it.

    ETA: I've only had one treatment so far, and while I'd thought I'd be completely smooth for a few weeks afterward, until new growth started, it's not completely smooth even just two weeks afterward. I think they missed some spots. That said - I love it because, like you said, I will be happy with even minimal improvements. (Especially with the low price I paid).

    A friend of mine goes to a place in Dallas that charges $150 per session for small areas. It's by no means a steal like the groupon, but she says it's a really profressional, really great place. Send me a PM if you want the name of the place.

    I read a previous thread on this board (a few months ago) where a bunch of girls had gone various places (Ideal Images, etc) and pretty much everyone that had commented had good results.
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