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Where is everyone?!?

It's really quiet on the board today... What's everyone up to this morning? I just got done taking one of my finals... now its time relax until my sister comes over to start celebrating her bday... Anyone have any fun plans this weekend? WR or Not WR
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Re: Where is everyone?!?

  • I'm here! Lol.

    Tomorrow I have to work at my main job since my mom and dad are going to be at a resource fair and I'm in charge :-) Plus it's FI's birthday tomorrow so after work he & I plan on hanging out.

    Sunday night my parents are making FI birthday dinner!
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  • I was wondering the same thing this morning :)

    I have an annual meeting for organization I belong to for my daughters heart condition tomorrow. Other then that, resting and cleaning. Nothing overly exciting. lol
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    Hi ladies! 

    I'm sooo tired today.  Stayed up to watch the Devils game (it went into double overtime) and my alarm goes off at 5am.  At least we won!!!

    I just got to watch this fly by my office: 

    And I'm leaving work early today to head down to Delaware/Philly for the weekend :)

  • Its gloomy, cold & wet here in Stoon so this evening its going to be a cuddled up infront of the fireplace movie night at home with the hunnie, tomorrow is my MOH birthday. I'm taking her out for lunch, for a pedicure & then we'll spend the evening pre-drinking before heading out, Sunday I'm getting tint put on the back windows on our brand new 2012 Equinox :) Busy weekend!
  • I will be cleaning the upstairs of the house this weekend, FI got the job and will be moving here in 2 weeks.

    The upstairs of my parents house is like an apartment so we are going to stay there for awhile until we find a place. We have looked at a few but nothing is really what we are looking for. So right now it looks like a bomb went off since I have been living there alone for a long time now so it has to be cleaned and converted into living space lol
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  • I'm busy picking my jaw off the floor. My boss just gave a certificate for a full body massage at one of the niest spas here as a gift for secretary appreciation week. He then preceded to tell me that even thought it hasn't even been 2 months that I'm working here, he is extremly empressed with me and knows that when the opportunity arrises, I will move up quickly!

    I'm finished work in 5 mins, so I'm heading to lunch with my mom and then a silk flower warehouse to check for my plan b flowers. Tomorrow we are heading to FI's cousins so that the kids can play together and then at bed time the adults can get drunk! lol
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  • So many congrats to go out! Have fun with the celebrating :)
    FI and I finally have a weekend to OURSELVES! haha no work, no family, nothing. Gonna take a drive and test out some of my new photography equipment and realx. As long as it isnt too cold- calling for high in the 40's in WI :(
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  • This is going to be a pretty busy weekend for me. Tonight I am going to a party to celebrate my FI's grandfather's 80th birthday. Tomorrow I'm helping my friend with her yard sale in the morning and going to FSIL's baby shower in the afternoon. Then, on Sunday, I have to work at my second job.
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  • It's supposed to be super rainy here this weekend, so I plan on some home projects. I'm going to be painting the dining room as well as the sitting room. This is our first weekend with no big plans, so I will be living it up at home, being a grown up Smile

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  • FI and I spent all day with his mom. We went to lunch at Bahama Breeze which is awesome and then we did some shopping. Now FI and I are on our way to the movies... We are seeing two movies tonight! The five year engagement and Safe. Yay!
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  • I had to work all day. However, I was told by my ADON that I'm the most detailed with the fall investigation papers. It kinda brightened my day. Tomorrow I'm working and then Sunday we have to go to FMILs for everyone's birthday celebration. Then it's quality time with FI since he's going out of town again on Monday. I really hope he gets the new job he's applying for and that he won't be gone as much.
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