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Story-twisting crazy FMIL

So FI just called me to tell me his mother was b*tching about our honeymoon. Apparently you can''t tell the woman anything. We switched it from Puerto Rico to Sedona. She seems to think that it's some horrible thing that we're staying in a condo-style place that is available as a timeshare. I guess she's telling people we're "staying in somebody's house in the middle of the desert." Then she led FI to believe that I was saying I'm worried about it and that the people will be harassing us to buy it the whole time (I'm not, and reviews of the place say they're actually very nice about it). Then because we're going from Wednesday to Monday, she's started telling people we're only going for a long weekend. She also told FI that my dad was making fun of her and laughing at her over the phone, which he would never have done. He was probably trying to joke with her a little bit to get her to lighten up before the wedding.

FI is so stressed out, he might kill his mother - if I don't get to her first.

Re: Story-twisting crazy FMIL

  • Ugh. What is it with people raining on the parade? A honeymoon in Sedona sounds awesome and I would soak up every minute you're there. I think FMIL is just being a cranky pants and I wouldn't give her more than a moments thought. Because you're the ones that get to kick back and relax.
  • Sounds like she's just being over dramatic and maybe trying to get some attention on her. Just blow it off, sh'e crazy!
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  • Your FMIL sounds a lot like mine....all they want is drama and attention. With 4 weeks to go, I'm ignoring everything that woman is trying to do including getting FI fired from his job.

    Try to relax and breathe and completely ignore her and all of her craziness!
  • i think she is probably just jealous that you guys are going away and having all of this attention, etc, and she gets nothing.  im sorry you have to deal with this, but it is best just to ignore her.
  • It seems like a lot of FMIL's are getting this way as the weeks get closer! If she wasn't like this before I am sure it will blow over after the wedding. Until then tune her out.
  • try to ignore the best you can, or have FI talk to her. 

    My advice stay out of it as best you can, and have an amazing time on your awesome unique honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow, what a nut job!  Sorry you have to go through this, Rebecca!
  • My FMIL told me that the mother of the groom takes precedent at the wedding...I politely with only a hint of sarcasm, reminded her that actually the bride and groom takes precedent at the wedding.
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