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July 2010 Weddings

Finally got BM dresses! (PIP)

I am so excited!  I decided on them yesterday and 3 of my BMs have already ordered them.  This is a huge check for me!! I was so ridiculously picky, and ended up driving over 100 miles and back on Monday just trying to find the right one.

This is it!  Watters 5437

And considering it's a short dress, look how good it looks with my wedding dress! Same neckline and slim A-line skirt!  (This picture is from preownedweddingdresses.com since the pic on the Maggie website has the model sitting down)  I am wearing my dress with a white sash as well.

The fabic is dupioni silk and the color is Snapdragon like this dress:

The 4 BMs will have green satin sashes, which will look almost the same color as the dress, and the 2 MOHs will have white.  And I think they all plan on hemming them to right above the knee, instead of below, like on the models, but I told them I don't really care.

You guys likey???

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Re: Finally got BM dresses! (PIP)

  • Good job!!!

    I'm jealous, I wish I had mine done. Sigh.

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  • The dresses look awesome!!! Great check!
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  • They're really cute. Good find!
  • very pretty! =)
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