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October 2011 Weddings

Tall centerpieces

Anyone doing all short centerpieces? All of mine are the same, and all about 10 inched...I am started to feel like everyone talks about needed "height" in the room, etc. Anyone else?
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Re: Tall centerpieces

  • I hate tall centerpieces. Mine are all short.
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  • I like tall centerpieces, but I don't think they are vital. Our hall has ridiculously high ceilings so we (actually, my FI, ha) felt like we needed them for at least some of the tables, and we found some that won't block people's vision across the table.

    Half of our are short glass vases of difference sizes, which we are filling with corks instead of rocks and putting tea lights in. This is an inspiration picture, but we will have smaller candles and multiple sized vases:

    The other half will be tall and thin vases ("eiffle tower vases") with willow branches:

    This picture is from the place we are renting them from, so this is what they will really look like.

  • I hate tall centerpieces, especially when I can't see over them or through them to see the person on the other side of the table.

    All of ours are short, like 12in or so.
  • We're doing all short.  While the room is big enough to fit 250 (we're inviting 240ish) we don't want the room to feel like it's smaller because of tall centerpieces.
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  • I think our come out to around a foot tall. They will all be the same.
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  • I'm another that doesn't like tall centerpieces. They get in the way of communicating with the other people at your table. Mine will be short.

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  • I like tall centerpieces. The vases I bought are at least 2 feet tall then with the flowers will probably be about 3 feet. They will be tall enough that they wont be blocking anyones view and clear so people can see through it. The gems (that i was polling the other day) will only be at the bottom.

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  • I like tall centerpieces if they are in a big room with high ceilings.  Our reception site ceilings aren't too high, so we are sticking with shorter centerpieces.. probably about 12" max.
  • Thanks ladies!
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  • we're doing half tall half short and alternating them on the tables, the tall ones more around the outside
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