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September 2011 Weddings

Order of Events...

Are you planning on 

dinner than formal dances


formal dances then dinner?

Discuss, please also include pro's and con's you have thought of or alternative orders to consider. 
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Re: Order of Events...

  • We are doing dinner, then formal dances then cake cutting. Since our ceremony is in the same place as reception it's really just going to be a party, we do have about 7 small kids (all 3 and under) putting dinner too late would not work for us even by 15min for dances. So wedding at 5 dinner at 7-8 then dances between 8-830 and cake at 830.

    I also am VERY emotional and need to spread it out. We also have our photographer all day and night.
  • kwreckskwrecks member
    We're doing dinner and then dances.  From my experience, when dances are done before dinner, people get antsy.  I think what we'll do is dinner, then a dance or two, while people are finishing up, and then cake, slideshow, and then open dancing.
  • Both =D

    We're going to make the 'Grand Entrance' with the introductions, and we will have our first dance right after we make our entrance. then we'll eat. then mother/son and father/daughter dances following dinner to kick off the dancing =)
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    Haven't thought about it too much since there will probably be a limited amount of dancing at our wedding, but I'm thinking we'll do our cocktail hour, then first dance, then father/daughter dance and perhaps mother/son dance (if FI wants to do one), then sit down for dinner. That way the only other "required" activity is cutting the cake, which we can do after dinner.

    ETA: Your post has me feeling like I should be writing a paper with a thesis and body paragraphs. :)
  • SandDDSandDD member

    I touched on this a bit in the other thread, but our guests will head in from cocktail hour, then get served an appetizer/salad while the wait staff takes dinner orders. We'll do formal dances then since people are sitting anyway.

    I do know that our DJ we use for our company holiday party likes to have people come into the room dancing. It makes a huge difference in my opinion.  Our cocktail hours are so insane that it's not like people are starving, plus it's all adults. So if we could, we'd totally have the party vibe started right off the bat & do the slower stuff during a normal down-time. It just doesn't work with our timeline.

  • I think so far, Cocktail hour is 5-6 and dinner is at 6...and we are working military timings, so we will do the enterance at 5.45 and start the buffet going at 6..
     we will do speeches after and dances.. then get the dancing going.. we wont have our DJ till the later part of the night as we are only going to have one for 4 hours..

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  • We are going to have our first dance, cut the cake, then eat dinner, and then have our dances with our dad/mom.
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