Grooms Cakes - Ohio State Theme

Hi!!  I am trying to suprise my FI for our rehearsal dinner with a grooms cake shaped like OSU Buckeye stadium or something Buckeye related.  I know when I was looking for a bakery to do our wedding cake I saw pictures on some of the websites, but I can't remember who they were.  Has anyone seen anything like this that they could direct me too?  Or can anyone recommend a bakery who is very good at grooms cakes?  Thanks in advance!

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    I knew I saw this somewhere, so I went through my last month's history to find it!
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    Patricia's had an album of some pretty cool groom's cakes.  And their cake was delicious.

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    I second Patricia's Wedding Cakes. She does amazing custom cakes!
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    You should try Affordable Wedding Creations.  Peggy, the baker, makes delicious moist cakes. she's very talented and recreate any picture you show her!
    And she's affordable!
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    I actually got the Ohio State Stadium cake for my fiance's 30th birthday in October from Patricias.  The cake looked awesome and tasted so good.  It was really expensive for a birthday cake...but totally worth it.

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    I got a grooms cake from LeSucre bakery in Covington. Jeff does awesome 3-D cakes.


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    If I remember correctly, Ele Cake Company told us they did a cake of the OSU stadium for a groom's cake.  You might want to check with them.  I don't recall seeing a picture, but I would be they have one. 
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    Thank you so much for all the advice!
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    This is late, but we had one at our wedding in April.  It was from Fantasy in Frosting and was AWESOME.  I'm over on the Nest all the time (hardly ever here, but if you want to see pictures, page me over there!)
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